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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Team BearDragon moving in unison

When Vlad took Crimea we told you to watch China, particularly in the Senkaku islands.  If the Chinese made a move to stake a claim, it would demonstrate BearDragon is moving in a coordinated manner - just as Golitsyn said they would do when they were ready for the Big Ugly fight to commence.

Here you go.

But don't worry.  China has no global aspirations and Russia is so bassackwards they still move their troops by train.  Neither is a threat to America.  Oh - and California will be evacuating any day now because of the drought.


  1. "Russia still move their troops by train" - Yeah, that's why all Russian passenger aircraft are equipped with military ID transponders - so they can safely fly *civilian* passengers through combat areas and not be hit by their own anti-aircraft systems.

    And if you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale in New York...

  2. Heh, China could invade CONUS and we'd never see it coming. All they'd have to do is put a platoon of troops in each of the 10,000+ shipping containers they send our way each month. Plus a pallet of rations, a porta-potty, and a pallet of ammo. Once there are a few thousand "troop carriers" sitting in the holding-pens waiting on customs at 4 or 5 major ports, send a 4-man squid-team to each port to slip in and open all the containers - Instant Invasion.

    Yeah, do the math - at 20 guys in each of 10,000 containers, that's a 200,000 man army. And 20 men per container is a conservative estimate - they could easily do 25, and even 30 men per connex isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

    But even if you keep the numbers ultra-conservative and assume 20 men per connex, **and** assume that 10% die or are otherwise incapacitated in transit, that's *still* 180,000 troops in the first wave - making such a maneuver the largest amphibious military landing of all time (D-Day landed between 140K~150k allied troops in Normandy).

    Call it the Chinese Trojan Horse.



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