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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


HuffPo's above-the-fold this morning.  The game is simple - tell big lies often enough that the Stupidest start to believe and repeat.

Here's the other piece: Commies enter the fray in Milwaukee.

The problems facing Liberty in America will continue until all hopes of recovering that Liberty are forever lost for one simple reason: We allow Commies, Marxists and their Useful Idiots to die peacefully in their beds of old age - often after spending millions in futile medical care provided by our tax dollars.

This behavior is suicidal for us and for Liberty.

Either we decide to change this behavior, or we, and Liberty, are done.

It is not morally wrong to go forth, hunt and extirpate tyrants who are oppressing you from afar.


  1. "It is not morally wrong to go forth, hunt and extirpate tyrants who are oppressing you from afar."

    Morally speaking, it is the duty of every good man to destroy the evil in his own community; and if the evil which harms his community comes from afar, then his duty requires that he go forth, seek out it's source, and destroy it.

    Only those lacking intestinal fortitude turn a blind eye to evil, and snivel amongst themselves that "it is someone elses problem".



    1. I had this as my final line in the post: 'At some point failure to hunt tyrants oppressing you becomes cowardice.'

      I almost never edit myself - should have left it in - but you covered it. ;)

    2. I got your back ;P

  2. Agreed. If we don't take the initiative, soon, we simply allow the problems to compound.
    Perhaps it might be worth considering what McVeigh saw as a solution, or at least, the beginning of a solution.
    What if everybody was afraid to work for the federal government. Well, not everybody, but the administrative functionaries?
    That same theme is part in the book,"Molon Labe!", by "Boston T Party.
    It is covert, but it begins a process that is a necessary step, in this day and age, to begin restoration of constitutional government.

    1. I think it was Texas a couple years ago. A courthouse shut down because employees were afraid to go to work. My memory is sketchy as to 'why' - but I think threats were involved - maybe over gay marriage.

      In any event, the concept is sound. People will almost always default to self-interest and self-preservation. Convince them that working in unconstitutional capacities may be disadvantageous - in the extreme - and they will seek alternative employment.

  3. The White Death comes to mind. A lot more advanced and quiet tools today than an iron sight Mosin 91/30 :)

    1. Indeed. Much more advanced.

      But the art remains essentially the same - covertly place yourself in front of your enemy; take your shot; and don't be there when the return fire arrives ;P

    2. Just wait until the first Micah X takes this path - surgical versus blunt instrument. It will be a slaughter.

    3. As we have already witnessed. For all the "militarization" of the police, the officers in Dallas didn't stand a chance...even if there really was only one shooter that night (which I honestly doubt). But, a lone shooter, racking up a score like that, apparently acting on the spur of the moment and without much of a plan... even just one such event each day would soon bring the nation to it's knees, just as effectively as 9/11 did.

      And if one dares to presume that a well-trained shooter, with even a minimal support network, could successfully execute one such attack each day; and live to deliver another blow against the machine elsewhere the next... by Day 3 or 4 there would be copycats springing up all over the place, and at that point, the story becomes wrote... "all the King's horses, and all the King's men, couldn't put Humpty together again".

      Let those who see the flag descend, salute;
      and those who hear the bugle blowing taps, lower their heads...

    4. Excuse me, 28/30. Splittin hairs, but I had to correct myself :)

  4. A poke in the eye on the Fourth of July. A boot on the neck on Patriots Day. We stand for it and allow it to happen. Some of us have too much to lose. NRA slogans are nothing but that - slo guns.

    Camel Jockey


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