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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

PJB illustrates the existential threats facing America, here.

The title of this post is from the PJB piece, quoting Adams.

One must wonder, if one accepts the premise that America is dead - what will rise from Her ashes?


  1. That MUST be a rhetorical question...No wait, ask the dope dealer et al and his fat cow.

  2. "By their fruits shall ye know them".

    Looking across the fruity plain of America and seeing what I have seen of the human landscape over the last decade; I cannot imagine that anything which might arise after America will be either good, or dignified.

    From a Biblical point of view, the people *are* the Nation, whereas the territory they live upon is just land - Our nation is corrupt, decrepit, and has gone so far awry, has breached the bounds of incompetence to such an extent and degree, that America can no longer even fulfill it's own basic and immediate needs successfully, let alone put any actual work or capital into the propagation of even a humble legacy.

    The rotting carbuncle of our industrial strength is all but consumed; our national debt is the very epitome of reprobation, perfected against our own future generations; and we today are both socially and morally bankrupt beyond all shame or desire for penitence.

    I would place the percentage of Americans who have already voluntarily cast the fate of their souls into the carpetbag of Satan at well above 80% - and if such a high figure is mortifying, understand that it would be well above 90%, were it not for those who, after living vile and profligate lives unto a ripe old age, arrive at the end of their days into a state whereupon they mourn all that they have done, and bear true shame for their deeds - their conscience bursting forth, finally, as the bud of a rose thrusting upwards through the snow; not even with the hope that it might ever bloom, but simply with the hope for even a single golden ray of sunshine to brighten it momentarily, before passing into final Judgement.

    SUICIDE is an understatement of the first degree - those who are not busy choking to death upon their own hubris in glamorous penthouses and luxurious gated communities, are drowning in the frigid and ever-surging waters of a society without a soul, facing a future bereft of hope. All drowning each other - each struggling madly to stand upon one another's shoulders in the hopes of lifting themselves up towards a "surface" which is nought but a mirage, and which gives not even a single breath's respite from that final destination which kills not once, but twice.

    If you want to see the future of America, look into the past - to the Russian revolution, with its decades of purges throbbing like the beating of drums; to the genocides of Rwanda and Burundi - with the bloody music of machetes singing through the night; to the Diocletian Persecutions of latter-day Rome, when the lions in the Colosseum ate better than the slaves in even the richest households; and to the burning of the Library at Alexandria by the muslims of the Rashidun army when they conquered the Northern Kingdom of Egypt, and destroyed every last thing which they could not understand.

    Every pillar which gave strength and nobility to our society has been hollowed out to such a degree, that the slightest of storms shall at once bring it all crumbling down. And those few, true architects who could lead an orderly rebuilding - these are scorned to shame, and shouted into silence, by the greedy and feckless masses, demanding nothing more than the satisfaction of their daily addictions, and getting not even that much satisfaction for the perpetual rabble they raise.

    Ruined we are already, and ruined we shall become ever the more. For what we have wrought, cannot be suffered to stand. And certainly our place is not far removed from the work of our own hands...



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