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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AR-15 Ban: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York

Not so much.

If you live in one of these states that oppresses your Constitutional and Natural Rights to own an AR-15 - why are you still living there?

Whatever your reasoning to remain in these states filled with petty tyrants - you do have the means to put an AR-15 into your hands.  The Feds have no regs or laws against you building your own AR.

The technology for finishing your own AR lower has been simplified to a matter of nearly being foolproof.  An 80% receiver is one that requires three simple operations before it can be classified as a 'firearm'.  Mill out the fire control pocket and drill two holes.  You can do this on a simple workbench with the help of a jig, drill press (or router) - or if you are genuinely motivated, hand tools.

Full retail cost of an 80% lower is typically about $60.  Then you finish your rifle any way you choose with uppers, sights, et cetera.  Do some research.  Just because you live in a state filled with tyrants doesn't mean you need to be tyrannized.  

The choice as to whether you accept the mandates of tyrants is your choice, alone.  If you choose to comply with bans on weapons and the stripping of your 2A - that is your choice.  If you choose to adhere to such stupid laws as 'Bullet Buttons' - so be it.  You can always put your 80% lower on a shelf, to be completed when the Rule of Law no longer applies to you.

But you have do choices, even if you can't drive to your local FFL and purchase a complete AR that is ready to rock & roll.

III Arms offers complete Build Kits that are highly customized to your specs.  Custom finishes, your choice of furniture.  Jigs are always included.  Engraved, or not.  It comes delivered in a Condor rifle case.

Liberty is about choices.  Tyranny is about coercion and denial of Rights.

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