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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Trump believes Antonin Scalia is the gold standard for Supreme Court justices and federal judges, and that among the indispensable cures for decrepit and failing public schools is competition from private, religious and charter schools.

A businessman and builder, Trump has confronted the onus of federal overregulation that stifles enterprise and kills jobs. With most conservatives, he believes in a U.S. military second to none.

Some Republicans, however, part with Trump on his contempt for political correctness, his refusal to observe strictures on debate laid down by our ruling elites, and his rejection of their claims to moral authority with his airy dismissals of their demands for apologies.

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The 'big-tent' theory is usually counter-productive, partly because the people inside the tents try to coerce others to agree with them on the most minute points of their dogma, but also because their dogmas are unable to coexist because they are, truly, fundamentally different at the molecular level.

The 80% rule applies in big-tent theory.  If you can agree on 80% of the subject matter, you should be able to tolerate the 20% with which you disagree.  Yet a fair and reasonable bit of reality also exists - there are some topics and positions that simply preclude any cooperation.  

Patriots can not accept welfare.  End of discussion.  Patriots can not work for the Police State and oppress their fellow Americans with unconstitutional, immoral and unnatural laws. No genuine Patriot can possibly tolerate those behaviors as 'legitimate differences of opinion'.  Those issues are as matter is to anti-matter.

Trump is more-correct on essential issues than not.  He is most certainly more correct, on more issues that directly affect me and my household, than is Hillary Clinton.  The third graf quoted above that discusses Trump's dismissal of Political Correctness is, I believe, the key to winning in November.  The louder he can heckle and mock the PC crowd, the more often he can hammer them with tier own hypocrisy, the more receptive voters will be to his candidacy.  Nobody likes to be told what they must do or how they must behave - it is an emotional connection he can play like a fiddle.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump's harkening to 'Law & Order' memes is highly problematic for genuine Liberty.  But given the weight of positions and policies on which we agree, I'm willing to let his actual definition of 'Law & Order' be revealed by his actions, as he works on those topics such as immigration on which he is clear.

The fight for Liberty will always be a fight of the minority versus the majority.  It is a marathon.  If Trump steps in the direction he tells us he will step, our collective positions will improve to fight the next wave of those who mean to be Masters.

For the record, PJB would make an unsurpassed inner-circle advisor to a President Trump.

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