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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


UN ME...


Globalist Vision For Coming Decades...

SESSIONS: Picks UNGA over USA on refugees...



  1. Kenyan politics from a Kenyan citizen - nothing more than juvenile anti-Colonialism in it's naked form.

  2. He actually said "binding ourselves to international rules, in the long term, enhances our security."

  3. "binding ourselves to international rules" means blindly accepting the dictat of the 3rd-rate SJW nations such as kenya - they love the UN 'cause they get to bully-team the larger nations.

    And with the growing influence of islam on the governments of small nations, it is also a promise to adopt Sharia at whatever rate the UN chooses to impose it...


  4. "Obama's parting words to the global body contained a grim assessment of the challenges he's leaving behind: a devastating refugee crisis, terrorism, financial inequality and a tendency to make immigrants and Muslims scapegoats. Across the Middle East, he said, "basic security, basic order has broken down."

    First, it's not a "refugee crisis" - it's an invasion of Christian Europe by a moslem horde.

    And second, there has always been, and always shall be "income inequality" - Christ Himself said "the poor you shall always have with you" - it's not fixable, but we are supposed to be charitable, within the bounds of Christ's dicta that "He who refuses to work, neither shall he eat".

    Lastly, for something to "break down" it must first exist. And I'm hard-pressed to identify any single time in history when order and security has existed in the Mid East. Ever.

    This is part of the blindness of the unwashed - they believe in things that do not exist, and never have.

    The word "Israel" itself actually means "to struggle" in a very physical sense, i.e. "to wrestle with" or "to fight with".

    I'm unaware of a single century, in all of recorded history, where the eastern bounds of the Mediterranean [from Anatolia to Sinai] has not been in a state of conflict. It shall not have peace until Christ's return.

    Those who believe that they can force peace upon the Holy Lands are the exact ones who are fomenting the wars there in the first place...

    You cannot remake that which never has been, and perhaps was never intended to be; but oh, how fools will try...


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