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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

You understand - or you do not...

If you can not understand what we protect, you simply can not understand the rhetoric.

That is all.


  1. Sorry K, but I must be missing something here - the lyrics are totally non sequitur to the intent, meaning, and purpose of American independence. This is Fluccish Sline music - angst without answer, life without direction or hope. Or in other words, it's part of the cancer that's killing us...

  2. It's deeper than mere independence.

    The song is about a woman in pain, who needs help. At our core, we look out for our neighbors, for the weakest among us - that is what makes us a 'community'. Enough of those communities, and we have a nation once again.

    I'm not trying to cross into SJW territory here - just pointing out that when a neighbor cries - whether in fear or anguish - Americans show up to do what they can do...

    1. Yes, we do. I've gone out with the Red Cross numerous times: Hurricanes Fran, Floyd, and Katrina, the Flight 800 disaster, and served on my State's SERT team for 9/11 - and I'm always amazed at how many people come forward - people who are themselves impacted by these events, but they put caring for others before themselves. It's truly amazing.

      Not to be gruesome, but it's been my observation that the very best of humanity is only seen under the very worst of conditions - war, natural disasters, and such. In Iraq, I watched a fellow soldier run at least 15 yards out from cover, in the middle of a firefight, to rescue a small boy who had been injured in the street. The soldier was shot 3 times - but he brought that boy to safety. He made a choice to do what needed doing - we all have that capacity, but most people never exercise theirs.

      Imagine what we could do, if every American exercised their power of will to do something totally altruistic, even just once in their life...


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