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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Civil Wars Begin

I use the word 'friend' with great scarcity.  In the Liberty Movement I have, perhaps, a dozen. These are people I know, people I have watched, people I would trust at my back with a firearm - indeed, people I would trust to protect my wife.  If you know me, you know the value of that particular trust.  From Oregon to North Carolina, to Florida to DC, I have a very few people I would ever trust that much.

One of these Patriots is in the Charlotte area.  He is more than capable of defending his home & hearth - but I wish we were closer so I could be at his shoulder.  One probably does not look at the map of our country and think of Charlotte as the first place History may remember as the beginning of RevWarIII.  But here it is...

Wherever you may be, no matter how well you have tried to prep for what is coming, I hope you never drop your guard.  At any moment - obviously - some member of the Police State or Welfare State or Bureaucratic State may do something that is considered to be intolerable to your AO.  Some of us have moved to North Idaho to be as removed from likely lines of attack as possible - but even here we have Fed-level bureaucrats and enemies of Liberty trying to resettle Mo's Morons - a problem that could spark-off at any given moment.

Be safe, my friends and allies.  We are neck-deep in 'interesting times' - and we all have ring-side seats to History's greatest chapter...


  1. Remember - it's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end.

    And the fact is, we are all in near free-fall right now. Our nation is plummeting economically, socially, and spiritually.

    There is real and immediate danger hiding in every American city, just below the surface, like an itch begging to be scratched.

    This event in Charlotte went from trigger-moment to mobs shutting down entire city blocks, smashing everything they could - including the facades of over 100 businesses and dozens of vehicles, even halting traffic on a major highway (I-85) and looting tractor-trailers - in just under 4 hours.

    Take 5 minutes out of your day and contemplate this - At just about 4pm a man was shot by police. by 8pm that evening, there were thousands of people in the street looting, rioting, smashing and burning.

    In light of these and many other facts, are you confident that you can protect your family when this happens where you live?

    Because it is surely a question of "when?" The question of "If?" has been answered repeatedly over the last few years, and every time the violence comes faster and harder.


  2. Heh, just this past weekend I went through the 'standard load-out' I maintain in the trunk of my "every day" car. My wife thinks I'm nuts for being so "over-prepared" as it is, but I look at how close we are to the election, and see the bad financial news piling up so high it blocks out the sun, and I _KNOW_ that shit will break, soon.

    So the trunk of my car has officially become a rolling armory - an AR and 12 mags of M855 "green-tips"; a .308 bolt-gun with Leupold glass and 100 rounds of the best target grade ammo; a full set of body-armor including rifle plates and PAS/GT helmet; pistol-belt with 6 spare mags, a very nice SAS dagger that was a gift from a good friend, a ring to carry a Maglight or PR24, and a nice big dump-pouch rolled up in back; a full trauma kit including QuickClot and antibiotics; several ghille's for various environments; 6 fresh MREs and four 2-liter bottles of clean water, plus a fresh can of energy-drink mix; a full tool kit including 100MPH tape and lots of small bolts/nuts/screws, zipties &etc; a full case of 30 min. road flares (they have so many uses); and a small inconspicuous ruck containing a full change of civvies as well as a set of cammo, plus wet-weather outters, a spare set of boots and several pairs of socks. I also carry an empty gas can [5Gal] and a squeeze-bulb type handpump with tubing for siphoning gas; a set of lock picks, a Garmin handheld GPS and several maps of my area including an old but still useful Topo; and a bunch of other items intrinsic to my particular needs.

    I don't post this to brag; I don't even want you to know who I am; but I want you to be thinking seriously about how prepared you are for the possibility that a "day at the office" or a "dinner out with the family" could put you in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Please. Be Prepared. There are no second chances when mass violence emerges, and you are in the midst of it. Certainly hunkering down in a safe spot is preferable, but it may not be an option... always have a 'Plan B', and never let your guard down.

    We live in very interesting times.

    Stay safe, live well, and peace be unto all upon whom His favor rests.

    1. Anon,

      Excellent get home gear list.

      One thing I would add to your list that goes along with the gas siphon, a 10" piece of 3/4" PVC. Many new cars are equipped with 'capless' anti-siphon systems. These can be defeated by inserting the piece of PVC in the filler hole, thereby unlocking the front obstruction and the one farther back also. It's the one at the back that will cut your tubing off. You will then be able to run your tubing into the tank.

    2. I wish I could post pictures with my comment -
      1. to dispel any claims that I'm FOS, and
      2. so people can see what a good and proper load-out looks like. For just one guy, it's a lotta stuff! But at least I don't have to hump it around ;P

      And thanks for the bit about the PVC pipe, I wasn't aware of that trick - I've rehearsed doing it with a coat-hanger and done OK, but the PVC sounds much surer and quicker.
      I also need more practice with my lock picks - mostly what I've accomplished has been padlocks, not door-handles or deadbolts.

      Boredom is the one problem I don't have to worry about - there's always more skills to learn, new intel to process, and other changes of circumstance to take account of... and a rolling stone gathers no moss.


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