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Thursday, September 29, 2016

It is not a racism problem

It is a Police State problem.


And regardless of who wins in November, the Police State will only get worse - exponentially.

Another, here.


  1. Anyone who can't see past "the question of race" in America is pretty short-sighted. There is no difference between what is being done in the US and what is being done in Europe - a radicalized minority is being used to stoke the fears of the quiet and productive majority who just wish to be left alone.

    Those pushing for global governance know that, without a boogeyman to antagonize people's fears, they cannot easily convince people to give up their liberty and their property - thus they are importing muslims into Europe, and FOR THE SAME REASON they are radicalizing blacks and hispanics (BLM and La Raza) as well as importing muslims in the US.

    The demographics are different, but the motive and methodology are exactly the same, and they are seeking the same outcome - they want to convince us to voluntarily give up our freedom and our property, in return for "peace and security".

    If this doesn't make sense to you, I would suggest that you stop consuming processed foods full of high-fructose corn syrup and laced with all sorts of additives including arsenic, fluoride, synthetic hormones, quinalones (antibiotics), and organophosphates (pesticides) all of which impair brain function... after a month or two without your brain being poisoned, your memory and thought processes will be much improved, and the puzzle pieces will begin to come together for you too.


  2. Call me crazy, but I've
    made countless angry posts
    about that police state murder
    here, there, and everywhere I was
    able to post in the supposed
    'patriot' sphere to no effect.
    I made a point of signing
    off comments with the names
    of Jack Yantis and Jeremy Mardis,
    (as they were murdered barely two
    days apart) and ending with LaVoy (who) Finicum, who was murdered barely
    two months later on direct orders from
    Jarret and Barry's treasonous holes.

    cav med


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