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Thursday, September 29, 2016


Here's the link.

Monday's debate was a push - Trump is still +4.  

Barring a mistake on his part or a rigged election, a Trumpslide is imminent in the Electoral College.

There will be an October Surprise, and frankly, I'm looking forward to it.  It should be epic.


  1. I think the true October surprise will be when Duetcshe bank AND Commerz bank go tits up!

    I am not looking forward to that.

    I wish LT had been wrong about this the past few years but unfourtanately he is spot on.

    1. ToneDeaf, Dear God, how I wish I were wrong, as well. It's certainly nothing I ever hoped or expected to see in my lifetime - a global financial collapse covered by another World War... but I heard and accepted His call, to be a Watchman on the wall, and so have I served to the best of my ability.

      As regards Deutsche Bank, it started as a very personal thing for me - they did incredible harm to my family; but as I dug further and further into the scope and depth of their financial misconduct, I realized that they are one of the handful of banks at the center of the entire global economic collapse. And so I wrote about what I discovered, and as I put the puzzle pieces together, I shared it with the American people by blogging about it.

      At some point in the process, I got to the point where I understood a good portion of their trickery and manipulation, even to the point of grasping their underlying motives, and being able to anticipate what they would do next.

      Banking was never my thing - I'm an engineer, and I like working with systems regulated by consistent and natural laws, which political systems never are (and all banking is politics, when you peel back the onion far enough) - but now I know as much about banking, finance, and economics as I do about engineering, and so I see very clearly what is coming, and I have to warn people.

      What man can resist the duties to which God assigns him? He has blessed me with the understanding of the financial and economic mechanics *because* I was willing to be His watchman.

      As I observed over 4 years ago “Deutsche Bank is not just another domino — DB is a Man-Hole cover on the table among the dominoes; when it falls, every other €uro-based entity will be brought down with it — businesses, banks, governments…everything.
      Europe is going down now – right in front of our eyes. As I have elsewhere stated, the “banking crisis” and the muslim invasion are not separate issues – they are intimately relatedv- The muslims will do for Deutsche Bank and the German government what their own Politzei would never do – threaten and abuse the German people with such force and scope as to force them all to cower indoors while they are looted.

      For those who haven't been following the Deutsche Bank issue, here are the key articles which will lay out the big picture -









    2. I Think you are spot on LT. always have. keep blowing the siren. There are many who listen and prepare themselves and their own. thanks for all you do.


  2. Is this the making of the Elites October surprise?


  3. This can not be good. Shredding trucks outside the NY Fed make me nervous.



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