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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'Law & Order' and 'Stop & Frisk' = War

One of the two people on the debate stage last night will be the next POTUS.

Both will bring RevWarIII (Call it Civil War II if you prefer).

She will do it a hundred different ways.

He will do it with the fundamental disconnect he possesses in regard to Liberty.

Stop & Frisk is a single act that violates every Right held dear by Patriots.

Add to this the notion of stripping 2A from anyone who makes it onto a bureaucratic 'No-Fly' list - and we are well on our way to unbridled war in America.

PJB discusses Charlotte, here.

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  1. Trump's "Stop & Frisk" will escalate police shootings of citizens by an order of magnitude - which *will* devolve rapidly into a civil war, particularly in the major metro areas where it would be implemented first and heaviest.

    For the race-baiters it will be a "race war", and for the commies it will be a "class war", and for us as patriots it will be about the final nail in the coffin of our Constitutionally Guaranteed civil liberties.
    But regardless how you classify it, it will be ugly. And it is entirely un-necessary.

    And yes, a lot of the people who get shot during the course of such police encounters will be criminals... but even criminals have the God-given right to live.

    What Trump proposes is absolutely unlawful, and it will destroy what order remains in our civil society - so "Law and Order" is a total misnomer.

    I'm convinced that Trump honestly can't see the consequences of what he proposes. It's in his "blind spot". And I'm praying that, as he forms his cabinet, he will have at least one voice of reason to convince him not to follow through on this insane proposition of "Stop and Frisk".


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