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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Let the Feeding Begin

If there is one spectator sport Americans love above all others, it is watching their heroes fall.

The Media Pack of jackals is very close to turning on HRC.  They are camped out at the Walgreens near her New York home, looking to be the next Drudge to find Monica.

The HMS HRC is at full steam and about to hit the reef.  If she doesn't get this under control very, very quickly, they will be ripping flesh from her dead carcass by the end of the weekend news cycle.  

Here's the piece.


  1. Evil always devours its own, in the end.

    Anyone proclaiming "this time is different" is either high on the eligibility list for the position of 'court jester', or is well-paid for their shillery - vis. the MSM and their endless coterie of fetid, McLying poisonalities...

    All is well
    on the road to hell
    and the cart
    just keeps gaining steam;
    a bit of sleep,
    yet another moment of slumber
    still thy hands
    are folded unto rest
    as the cart rambles down the hill.
    Awake too late
    ye heathen and fools
    and witness the end
    of your dreams

    For Judgement fills the valleys
    and echoes from every high place
    and none shall be deaf
    to the tolling of the bells
    which come calling,
    summoning all unto their Judgement.
    And now has the moment
    of repentance past by
    but Judgement stands
    in the middle of the street
    inquiring of all things
    both going and coming
    and none shall pass
    without revealing all

  2. I guess the election is going to hinge on the debates. If Ms. Clinton appears weak, confused, and unsteady at the podium, her run for the White House may be doomed. If she appears healthy and focused, it will hurt Donald Trump. WHY? Because Trump is never good speaking extemporaneously. The only times he appears "Presidential" is when he sticks to the script and the teleprompter. If he goes off like a loose cannon when Ms. Clinton appears dignified and articulate, the race is over.

    1. So, you're essentially saying that trump suffers the same "problem" as the current idiot in the White Hut? Thats a bit incongruous, isn't it? After all, 0bozo hasn't suffered much for his lack of coherence or reliability when working without a script... so what, exactly, is the big difference in your mind, regarding Trump?
      Could it possibly be that he is appealing to those with a bit more intelect and sense of social continuity than the trash who got their druthers the last two election cycles?

      Could it be that trump has to surmount a higher bar than the first congolese squatter in the white house? And if so, why should that be?

      Could the holy grail of multicuturalism be failing? Could the United States really be careening toward another sectionalist war, between the northern bankster establishment, and those of us who live close to the land and continue to assert that blood, and herritage, and culture, and honor matter?

      Be careful when wandering so close to the truth, or it may get a grip on you and pull you in entirely...

  3. Coke.. Pepsi.. Coke.. Pepsi.. Coke.. Pepsi.. so we must choose coke/Pepsi or end up with Leninade Soviet Style Soda ?? That's what our masters will have us believe. I am here to tell you, we are already drinking it. BURT,TX


    This is closer to what most Americans are really drinking.


    U..S..A, U..S..A, U..S..A. No repeat to ad nauseum !

    1. "Leninaid" - made with the blood of real Kulaks.
      And while you can't be first, comrade, you can certainly be next...

  4. Leninaid is an entitlement of the highest order ! BURT, TX

  5. The USSS* Clinton shall not be sunk by the media - pontoons have already been deployed (hidden below the waterline, of course) to keep her from listing too badly going into the debates.

    Depending upon the course of her specific variety of Spongiform Encephalitis (SE), it could be anywhere between a few weeks and a few years before she is reduced to a vegetative state - but the outcome is inevitable.

    There are a number of genetically transmissible SEs, but most manifest at a much earlier age than Hillary's, and are readily identified by genetic screening these days; so it is far more likely that Hillary has a transmissible, rather than a heritable form of the syndrome - "Transmissible Spongiform Encephalitis" (TSE) -which is a cluster of closely related diseases which cause impairment of brain function, including memory changes, personality changes, and problems with movement that worsen over time."

    TSEs are most commonly transmitted by "Prions" - specifically mutated proteins - which are transferred to a new host when they consume the meat/blood/other tissue of an animal which already had the disease, I.E. "Mad Cow Disease" which is properly identified as either Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease (CJD) of which there is also a new variant(nvCJD or more simply vCJD).

    Both CJD and vCJD are most often caused by feeding cows the remains of other cows (or other animals) which carried the mutated protein, and/or genetic sequences for same.

    While it is believed that some humans have contracted CJD/vCJD frome eating tainted beef, there are actually still a number of clinical arguments against CJD/vCJD being inter-species transmissible from bovines to humans.

    Interestingly, the majority of definite and documented human instances of TSE are known to occur among cannibalistic societies where humans directly consume the remains of tribal members upon their death, the remains of enemies which they kill in battle, and/or the unwanted young of their community.

    Think I'm kidding about the Cannibalism? Quoute from Wikipedia- "Although the infectious disease model of TSE has been questioned in favour of a prion transplantation model that explains why cannibalism favors transmission, the search for a viral agent is being continued in some laboratories."
    Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmissible_spongiform_encephalopathy

    Now, we all know that Hillary has always been fond of the 'wet work' - but now we may actually be witnessing the depth of her enthusiasm and "taste" for it...

    In general, SE looks very similar to Parkinson's Disease (PD), except that PD is a result of demyelinization of peripheral nerves and thus begins in the extremities - hands and feet - whereas SE generally attacks the brain stem and Pons first, and therefore it's first noticeable symptoms are seen as disturbances of sleep, respiration, swallowing, bladder control, hearing, coordination and equilibrium, taste, eye movement, facial expressions, facial sensation, and posture.

    So that might explain why Hillary hasn't been making many "live" appearances - because they don't want anyone doing what I just did - offering a probable diagnosis based upon a readily visible and growing constellation of symptoms which point directly to a progressive neurological impairment in general, and to TSE in specific.

    God *does* have a sense of humor; and, like it or not, Hilary is the brunt of this joke.

    * - USSS = United States of Slavery Ship

    On this one, I think I'll remain Anonymous


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