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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


What has happened to America is astonishing. A country 90 percent Christian after World War II has been secularized by a dictatorial Supreme Court with only feeble protest and resistance.

A nation, 90 percent of whose population traced their roots to Europe, will have been changed by mass immigration and an invasion across its Southern border into a predominantly Third World country by 2042.

If you are of an age to have witnessed America in the late '40s and early '50s until today, you have been a front-row witness to the Communist victory over the ideals of America from within.  The Marxists stand upon the precipice of absolute victory.  They did not fire a single shot, essentially.  

If you are my age you have seen enough change in our lifetimes to know course and speed indicate we are likely headed for a short and brutal civil war.  If you dare to be honest (most of you will never be this honest with yourselves) then you know 'Patriots' will likely be extinct at the end of the war.  The odds are not in favor of Liberty Forces.  

Most Patriots like to think in terms of color and/or nationality when they do force analysis. It usually goes something like this: White guys will win because they outnumber those dirty brown guys from over the border and those filthy black guys in the cities, and the dumb hippies on college campuses (both faculty and student body).  But the simple and glaring flaw in such analysis is this: White Trash on welfare outnumber all the other welfare parasites combined.  Then this reality: How many middle-class white guys and gals do you know who share even a modest bit of your ideology regarding Liberty?

Philadelphia can field 10,000 naked idiots on bicycles.  Of the 50-100 'Patriots' who show up for the biggest PatCons held in America, most do not train beyond a box of ammo in a month and most hold profound and fundamental differences from one another even defining the word 'Liberty'.  Many are dual citizens - one foot in the 'Patriot' world, and the other foot in the parasite world.

Liberty simply can not survive in such an environment.

There was a time when a Marxist victory in America would have meant we had to learn Russian or Chinese.  Now it simply means we have to work every day of our lives to support our neighbors who work in the Police State, Bureaucratic State and Welfare State.

Here is PJB's piece.

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