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Monday, September 12, 2016

Trump's 10 Step Plan

Works for me:

#2 END “Catch and Release”
#3 ZERO Tolerance for illegal aliens
#4 ELIMINATE “sanctuary cities”
#5 REVERSE Barack Obama’s illegal “executive amnesty”
#6 SUSPEND visa issuance to risky countries
#7 ENSURE foreign countries accept their deported citizens
#8 COMPLETE biometric entry-exit visa program
#9 ENFORCE E-Verify with employers
#10 REFORM immigration to suit the best needs of the AMERICAN people

First, Hillary needs to have another stroke on live TV...


  1. "First, Hillary needs to have another stroke on live TV... "

    Popcorn and prayer, the essential elements of these poignant days, for all of us who refuse the bread and circuses.

    "May you live in interesting Times", indeed.

  2. Replies
    1. Of course he is...
      The Barnhardt Axiom is in full effect, has been (IMHO) since Georgy Porgy Senior (Bush41) was squatting in the white hut - why the heck do you think Desert Shield/Desert Storm came about?

      Because Georgy Porgy Sr. broke the deal with Saddam in 1989, which Regan had negotiated in 1980 - to pay Saddam for his continued acts of war towards Iran, and to assist him in obtaining an oil terminal on the Mediterranean Sea (in Lebanon or Syria) - bearing in mind the two attacks on US personnel in Lebanon in 1982~84. And the anti-Assad policy in place with the US Fed.Gov since the early 1980s.
      A major election is a huge window into the real form and philandery of international politics, and this one will be no different. Just like we learned of Regan's plans and schemes when Bush41 came in and refused to "stay the course", and just like how Billy the boy-boy Clinton turned around and screwed Russia (broke his promise not to enlarge NATO towards the Russian Border) and screwed Saudi Arabia (Not imposing further sanctions/blocade against Iran as promised, not supporting ejecting Iran from OPEC, & etc) got us the first attack against the WTC in Feb 1993, the Jaffa Rd. Bus bomboing of Feb. 1996 (near the Univ. of Haifa and IBM offices - lots of US citizens in that area), the Khobar Towers Bombing in June of 1996 in Saudi Arabia itself, the attacks on US Embassies in Tanzania and *KENYA* in Aug. 1998 - by Saudi-funded Sunni Jihadists, The attack/bombing of the USS Cole on Oct. 2000, and subsequent attacks against US personnel who were sent to investigate that attack/bombing - Oct 2000~April 2001 - also all Saudi-funded.
      Then we got Busshy Junior, and immediately the attacks against American assets across the mid-East picked up pace, until on 9/11 we received a real and significant blow on home soil, and continued with the "Bus 16 bombing" also in Haifa near the IBM offices, December 2001, and etc. & etc on down the list.

      So tell me, what do you think will happen if another Clinton obtains the White House? I can guarantee that Saudi *and* Iranian-funded terror attacks against Israel and the US will go through the roof again (Both hate the Clintons), and that Russia will become far more belligerent towards the US/NATO alliance - all because the Saudis, Iranians, and Russians know their history with regard to the various factions in US politics, while Americans are nearly all dumbed-down lumps of self-absorbed shit, who can't see past the screens of their iPhones to notice that the US is the most destructive, oppressive force on the planet these last 35 years.


    2. I consider Trump to be just as dangerous as the woman. It matters not to me though. I no longer participate in that corrupt system. Whatever happens, happens. I'm good to go. :-)

    3. "I consider Trump to be just as dangerous as the woman."

      Absolutely no argument here, Alan - on domestic issues they are both anathema extraordinaire.

      But my point is that it is not just the domestic question of the particular candidate which matters - it is the international legacy of broken promises, allegiance swapping, and downright treachery which one candidate is notorious for, while the other is (in the international sphere, anyway) an untainted and generally unknown quantity, which differentiates them most starkly...

      It's impossible to be a "political isolationist" while your military is operating in over 100 nations - and that's just under the current 0bozoid administration.

      We need to bring our troops home. We need to eliminate 80 to 90% of our arms sales to foreign nations, and curtail the remainder to a few *real* allies with whom we share a history and destiny, like Canada and England.

      The US needs to end NATO (or at least withdraw from it) - NATO's mission ended circa 1989~1993 when the Berlin wall came down and Russia withdrew it's forces from nearly all of Eastern Europe.

      Next, we need to cut off 90% or more of our so-called "foreign aid", it is nothing but bribery - and is also a massive 'welfare program' for the Military-Industrial complex - because most of that "Foreign Aid" money comes right back to a handful of American companies, who profit handsomely by exporting our most sought after products - our instruments of war an domestic tyranny.

      After that, we need to levy a 100% tax on all imported goods for which there is an American alternative, and to use the proceeds of said levy to create an "American Reinvestment Bank" which will offer loans to American start-up companies that will manufacture goods here in America, for American consumption. The "American Reinvestment Bank" can also be used to fund "Tech Schools" to teach young Americans the manufacturing arts.

      Lastly, we need to institute a policy of total property seizure and Capital Punishment against all individuals and organizations which traffic in illegal aliens, the criminal importation of contraband, and other trans-national crimes; to include in-absentia trials of the leaders/owners of the smuggling cartels, and the issuing of transnational execution warrants for those parties found guilty of organized and ongoing transnational crimes against the United States and her citizens. We should also and likewise try, in absentia, all those known to have planned, perpetrated, and/or funded terror attacks on US soil or against American Citizens, and likewise sent our SF teams to execute warrants against said Guilty individuals...wherever in the world they may be found. Period.

      Do I think Trump will actually do any of this if elected? Unfortunately, I believe I have a better chance of winning the Power-Ball this week, than I do of seeing any plan such as this pursued for America's future.

      But I'm not going to cry in my beer about all the bullshit, either. I will continue doing all the various little things which I do, to assert and enjoy my liberty; and to assist others in my community intent upon exercising and enjoying the liberty to which - all things contrary being put in their proper place - every man and woman of natural American heritage has an immediate, indissoluble, and perpetual claim to.

      No one is going to give you your liberty back - you're going to have to take it back for yourself.

      Our victory lives, nurtured and strengthened by every moment in which we defy tyrants, in any of a million different ways, large and small; but defeat comes in only two flavors - surrender, and death. Between those two, I'll choose against surrender, every time....


  3. Trump is going to smoke her at the debate. All the libtards will be crying "He assassinated her with words!!!!!" :D

  4. Trump is just as dangerous - in other ways. If he shuts down the pipeline bringing Muslims and other illegals into the country, that works to our advantage. She'll just open the spigot, then have the shut-off handle destroyed. I think even 4 years on Hillary's immigration will spell the end of every chance we have.

    1. Trump would be the American Mussolini. Assuming the House and the Senate go along with him. If they don't, he'll resort to EO's just like the Ebony Prince.

      To consider that joker (loud-mouthed New Yorker), a saviour in any respect is ludicrous.

      But I don't participate. Don't care. I'm not lookin' for anybody to take care of my ass. :-)

    2. I consider any Politician, Judge, Bureaucrat or Civil Servant that is not a strict Constitutionalist a danger. Unfortunately, that is 98% of the assholes in those positions.

      Trump, at best, will allow some breathing room for this Country. That's it. He is unwilling to defund and decommission the unconstitutional agencies that previous Presidents have used to wield their unconstitutional power through administrative law, codes and regulations.

      Trump may stop the flow of illegals, muslim immigrants and slow the dilution of American culture, traditions and ideals. But to stop it will require blood to be spilled.

    3. "Trump may stop the flow of illegals, muslim immigrants and slow the dilution of American culture, traditions and ideals. But to stop it will require blood to be spilled."


      That, in a nutshell, is the casus beli of the coming conflict, and it cannot be far off. Either we will fight it sooner, or our children shall fight it a bit later, but our children shall not pass their days without witnessing the final conflagration which now impends...


  5. Damn Alan, what the hell happened? You got something right...every drop of it.

    All you gotta do now is learn logical consistency and you'll be home free. Literally.

  6. I am from California. An ex-felon (female) with 15 yrs since last conviction. 15 yrs of my 48 are what i have being a "contributing citizen" i want to admit to you people here that all the time i was doing wrong i always imagined the government were the "good guys" and in these past 15 yrs its only been these last 3 years that ive been awoken to who those people really are and my heart broke. The betrayal cut deep. Because of the Loyalty i feel in my bones for this Nation i had a respect for the government. To learn all of these truths i am literally sick to my soul. I feel a deep desire to protect this land but i dont know who to trust. I have been to alot of sites claiming uncensored news and i feel overwhelmed. Every reports the bad and lace their words to instigate. Goad people to act out. All i read concerning reactions are "lock and load" im fucked. Sorry for the curse. I know im like a first grader trying to hang with the big kids but i just wanted to say im glad i found this thread because no one ever talks about solutions, or have ideas on keeping safe. Only someone better do something. the honesty here has destroyed my optimism but not my hope. I pray your wrong.

  7. Anon,

    I can not speak for everyone but I too was 'sick to my soul' when I realized that everything was a lie.
    This is the first leg of the Patriots journey.
    Do not let this paralyze you into inaction.

    You will then feel a righteous anger. That is the next step. This can be the most dangerous of all. This is where most in the 'Patriot Community' get stuck. They can not get past the emotional high of 24/7 rage. These are the 'lock and load' types that you spoke of. All false bravado and vaudevillian heroics. They do not seek solutions as this would require action.

    Once you get past these stages, both of which are based strictly on emotional responses, will you get to a place where you will apply critical thinking. That is when you become a true Warrior.

    I have two bits of advice that I humbly submit to you.

    1.) Learn and prepare how to survive the coming darkness that will soon cover this land.

    2.) Put your trust in the Lord. He will never betray you or forsake you.

  8. ToneDeaf has it exactly correct.
    "When, in the course of life, you find yourself going through hell, by all means KEEP GOING!" ~saying attributed to Winston Churchill during WW-II.

    Anon, please remember - we were never promised an easy or prosperous life. All we are given is a chance, and a moral code by which to live (our faith in God, and our observance in His law). And, when weighing the facts, it turns out that whether you "win" or "loose" is far less important than how you play the game.
    Be kind when you can, be generous until it hurts, and don't shoot unless you have to.

    I can't promise you anything materially for living by those rules, but I can promise that you'll sleep better while you're alive, and you'll have a lot less to answer for when you die.



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