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Monday, September 12, 2016

Relax: Hillary has a snuffly nose...

HuffPo/NBC says you simply don't understand.

Here's the piece.


  1. Not that it matters, her being
    above the law, regardless of her
    being a treasonous and high crimes
    At about the same moment
    a metallic object falls out of her
    right pants leg, rodham cuts loose
    with an audible and guttural grunt.
    Its truly sad and stupefying to witness
    the desperate flailing about of naive
    fools who believe that this incident
    can be used as a substitute to stop rodham,
    as justicefor for her crimes and treason, and
    beating the 'dead horse' that our Constitutional Republic still exists.
    Without question, it now only remains in a titanium case filled with argon gas,
    along with the DOI and BOR which are
    also stored in the same way.
    What will it take for before you
    Bolo's understand and admit this reality?
    And as many of you still
    stupidly believe that placard protests, petitions,
    and civil disobedience are strategically
    and tactically viable.
    Whatever illness plagues her does not
    If she were actually dead, but convincingly
    made to appear (to the gullible) just
    like Bernie Lomax's handlers successfully
    conned the Hamptons with.
    It does not matter.
    She has planted the flag of (Above the Law) untouchability on her sow ass, and each day she and her quislings beat us peasants over
    the head with that knowledge.

    cav med

  2. Do you know what Hillary and WTC 7 have in common?

    They both fell at freefall speeds and neither were hit by planes.

    1. The only difference being that someone made a decision to "bring #7 down", and did so decisively...

      Maybe Hillary will face a similar decision, as well?

      Only God knows, at this point, but it's worth making some popcorn and awaiting the next big scene in this long-running charade...


  3. Fuck me!
    Fuck you!
    Fuck all of us!
    We are a contingent of
    wothless shit, one and all.
    Keep talking the talk, but walking
    the walk of the craven enslaved.
    Patriots my ass.
    Nothing but a bunch of zombie apocalypse
    masturbators, statist shitbags, and nazi
    Bill Nye said it first and best.
    God Damn!!!


    cav med


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