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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Big Mo'

Other than being the first woman president, what is the great change that Hillary Clinton offers America?

The Clinton campaign has a big, big problem.

So says PJB.

So pray we all.


  1. There is no place, under the countenance of God, for one who lives a lie.

    ...and if "living a lie" doesn't define Hillary Rotten Clinton, then I cannot imagine her having any definition whatsoever.

  2. Doesn't matter what problems she has. She will be the next POTUS. :-)

    1. I pray that you are wrong, brother.

      I pray that you are wrong...

  3. She won't make president, if she does America is finished. She dislikes the Military and Veterans. She hates the Constitution that's why she wants to change it. She is a traitor and murderer. Ok Trump is a big mouth but at least he is a true American.. She is a TRAITOR


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