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Thursday, October 6, 2016




Swim against the tides until you drown, Patriots.

We all die.  How you die, matters.


  1. Their lunacy is contagious.
    Most are already infected.
    The disease is most always terminal.

    Sooner or later,
    You stop quarantining the sick,
    and instead quarantine the healthy.
    And pray that there might be
    some who live on to rebuild.

    Let the dead,
    bury their dead.
    Our day is tomorrow
    always in the future
    always in hope
    always looking up.

    There is no looking back,
    and there is no looking down.
    If you fall,
    If you fail,
    you know well
    your fate,
    as do we all.

    But those who remain -
    Those who remain carry
    our hopes and our dreams,
    if we have done
    our jobs at all.

    All men die.
    But not all men
    have something
    worth dying for.

    Be one who does.

    Be one who does -
    good things,
    speak the truth;
    war against the evil of the world;
    prevail unto the end;
    enter through the narrow gate.

    Be such a one.
    And it matter not
    what others may do
    unto you,
    or unto each other.
    Their choice, not yours.
    Their destiny, not yours.

    You are at a fork in the road -
    Wold you give to your companions
    the choice of which way is right for you?
    Or would you rather choose for yourself
    the path which leads to Truth,
    and Redemption, and Life;
    beyond what the world can give;
    and beyond what it can take from you.

    Dare to look beyond.
    Dare to look into that place
    and to learn its ways,
    that those ways may be opened unto you.

    The Last Four Things,
    Like the Pole Star shine,
    Guiding all
    who would have
    life Eternal.

    Every Day, every moment,
    we choose - good or evil
    life or death
    Judgement or Mercy.

    Every day.

  2. Well done, My good and faithful servant: because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. --Matt 25:23


    1. Absolute Socialist Communist takeover being orchestrated. And George Soros wants his goon Obozo to "stop the humanitarian crisis in Syria."
      It's lit to pop....may only be days or hours now.

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