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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Because I like it...

...and he still cries out for Her...

Wind in time
rapes the flower trembling on the vine
nothing yields to shelter it
from above

And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

And for every Fake Patriot 'tard who thought they'd prevail - this is for you:

ESAD, Losers... I laugh at thee, for you are sad jokes.


  1. I believe this post
    is heavily influenced by
    the residents of Welfare Lane.

    cav med

    1. Especially the Elton John piece. ;)

      They lose.

  2. In violent times
    you shouldn't have
    to sell your soul.

    In black and white
    they really really
    ought to know -

    those one track minds
    that took you
    for a working boy;

    kiss them goodbye,
    You shouldn't have to
    jump for joy

    and now its time
    to give them hell.
    as cold as ice (we are)
    I hope we live
    to tell the tale,
    I hope we live
    to tell the tale...


    say what you want
    say what you want
    say what you will

    say what you want
    say what you want
    say what you will

    'Cause I find
    you think
    what makes it easier

    and I find
    you think
    what makes it easier

    And lies spread on lies
    we don't care
    Belief is our relief
    we don't care.

    1. Dude - you just hit on one of my wife's top 10. Well f'n done. I'm adding it just because you get it.

    2. Friends don't need any explanation.
      Everyone else will miss the point, no matter how well you explain it.

      The wound we bear is invisible,
      except to others who bear it also.

      Just like last summer -
      We who have walked
      upon broken things
      know the way
      we have come.
      But those who stood back
      cannot later follow -
      the way is closed to them
      by their own choices.
      hesitation kills many,
      but still we walk on...

  3. Ass Kissing Follower ;)October 6, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    So the III finally scraped the last remaining piece of dogshit from its shoes?

    1. I suspect you are Ass Kisser #1, sir. ;)

      They were never III - they were garbage sent by their paymasters to destroy the message, and they ate shit as failures.

      Stay safe. There will be more like them, and we will orchestrate their xit just as we did JC Daffy and the rest. III is a label that no parasite will ever carry for long - because they are not worthy.

      Being III is a heavy burden, and welfare sluts can't carry the weight.

    2. Far from it.
      The soles of my shoes
      have become (and remain)
      so encrusted walking about
      the community that I remain
      two feet taller than my actual
      I don't know what's worse, shitbag
      posers and frauds like 'Lane' or
      the idiots which posted comments of
      fraternity, loyalty and slavish
      support for his 'honest,' 'brave' and
      'principled' stance.

      cav med

    3. Excellent observation Cav Med.

  4. The dope dealer will go full porn now. The fat cow wife must be ashamed.

    1. They are a perfect match - she could never do any better, nor could he...

  5. So the resignations of a few that claimed to be III and the shuttering of SSI in the last few weeks seems to be a coordinated stunt.

    1. What I hear is that Matt finally was confronted with proof his father was a Fed informant. The rest of them were never III in the first place - one can not be a welfare parasite or employee of the Police State and be III.

      Shit off a show, indeed.

      And you notice - the world of III didn't even notice when they 'left'? ;)

  6. No shit?

    That would make sense of all the rats abandoning the ship that is not sinking.
    They all were heavily invested in the airbrushed caricature that was presented as 'the founder of the III', void of all defects.
    What better way to bow out gracefully than to say the movement was hijacked when in reality it is an ideal that preceded the coining of the term III% and even the tea party.

  7. Heh, the Drippy Dick Irregulars website "will no longer be monitored or maintained". How quaint. Even in defeat, the son of Red Mikey can't do it with dignity. The knut don't fall far from the tree, in that regard.

    Whatever. The traffic at SSI was plummeting even before Mikey ran the flag of (pseudo-)martyrdom up the pole, and played the sympathy card to try and preserve his "legacy" as he rotted from the inside out - those of us who believe in a Just God know that treason will do that to ya.

    Oh well, even a dog turd looses its smell after a while - why should Red Mikey's "legacy" be any different?


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