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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Police State Loathing goes Mainstream


When LEO can't get balloons filled, cakes baked, or burgers served without boogers - maybe they should take a hint.  People are watching, and making lists...

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  1. Heh, when a society makes a common decision to disown a particular group and turn them out, this is how it starts.

    And the difference between being passively denied an elective service, and being actively denied the essential right to life, can be thinner than a single sheet of paper; and can be torn through by even the slightest offense, once the collective decision has been made, and is simply waiting to be acted upon.

    The battle-space is polygonal. You are both the offender and the offended; predator and prey. Manage yourself and your exposure to risk accordingly.

    It is coming.
    It will be pure chaos.
    You will not avoid it.
    And without proper preparation,
    your chance of surviving it
    is painfully small...



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