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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trumpslide: A piece of evidence in Ohio

Team HRC appears to be abandoning the state, here.  And they are laying the ground for a brawl in Pennsylvania, here.

Why HRC must never become POTUS: She supports a No-Fly zone in Syria, willing to engage Russians in combat - here.  And she supports the premise of droning and/or 'non-legal' modalities of silencing people like Julian Assange - here.  (Yes, in her mind you and I are in the same category as Assange)

Mind you, I do not think Trump would have a problem following similar courses.  But HRC has demonstrated she will do so.  Vince Foster could not be reached for comment...


  1. When you rob a people of their Culture and their Rights all they are left with is Nationalism and Violence.

  2. When you push a peoples' back into a corner, you willfully precipitate war.

    The underlying questions are "who wants us at war with ourselves?" and "what is their desired outcome?"

    Failure to examine these underlying questions is to remain ignorant, and thus to accept defeat. There IS an agenda; and you are not its beneficiary.

    Be skeptical of everything. Be prepared for war. And most fundamentally, know that you are justified in maintaining these premises.



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