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Saturday, October 29, 2016

HRC to eat a RICO Indictment?

In May 2016 there was a HuffPo story about Hillary Clinton being indicted on RICO.  The HRC Team at HuffPo pulled the story, but not before the internet archives tagged it.

LT sent the link - here.

The Comey Thing is big, folks.  It may be reviewed by History as the moment HRC was denied the White House.  

We shall see.

No matter who wins on 8 November - you do not have enough ammo.  The evil swirling in our world is far more powerful than any President...


  1. Racketeering, Perjury, Espionage, Murder, and Terrorism, folks. Not a lot of wiggle room, with all that on the table for Hillary - especially since Bill and Chelsea are easily indictable as co-conspirators on the first two charges, and Hillary's LesboGF, Huma Abedin, will likely take the fall with her on the last three. It's all right here -

    All I've got to say is, "Burn Hillary, burn."

    It's about time.

  2. And yeah - keep buying ammo as fast as possible. Hillary's supporters aren't going to give up any easier than she is, and while a lot of them are just liberal trash du nuffins, there are a lot of powerful corporate interests behind Hillary-the-warmonger.

    Do not expect an easy victory.

    November the 8th isn't the end - it's when this fight really begins.

    Be prepared.
    Keep your head on a swivel.
    Take nothing for granted.



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