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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Into this Garden of Stone...

Russia unveiled its Satan II rocket recently. The weapon possesses enough firepower to decimate an area the size of France or Texas. - here.

WWIII will play out - is playing out - in a manner few anticipate.

There will be ground forces that move to occupy and hold ground, as in every serious war.  However, they will move to hold ground that is strategically important - places that hold resources.

To ensure enemies can not defend those resource-rich places, WWIII players must take out the Command and Control abilities of their enemies swiftly.  They must make it impossible for the Standing Armies of the target nation to mobilize and respond.

This is where nukes come into play.

Can you really and truly get your head around the power contained inside a Russian Satan II missile?  Sufficient destructive force to take out France or Texas.  In the immortal words of Leeloo Dallas - Big Bada Boom...

But making the whole of Texas a radioactive glass parking lot is not the goal of WWIII players.  Taking out DC, NYC - will effectively remove American conventional forces from the fight because coordination will be gone.  You get the concept - take the head off the snake, the body becomes irrelevant.  Once the coordination of a few strategic targets have been removed, enemy conventional forces can move in and take the resources of Texas, or the Dakotas, or the mid-west.

Please take a moment and resist the 'Wolverines' stupidity.

Think globally.  To my 'Wolverines' allies - if the enemy controls the oil in the world, the ability to control the air and comms, they will starve you out patiently.  Add the simple reality that your neighbors are not ready, able or willing to fight, and you can see the battle plan.  

The grain fields of the American Bread Basket will still be there in 20 years, after you have died of disease and starvation.  No nukes needed.  They'll focus their energies on securing the short-term strategic goals like Mid-East oil.  In the meantime, with DC, NYC, maybe LA and Chicago smoldering in radioactive nothingness, the rest of America will wither.  Once our enemies secure their ability to keep planes in the air and troops on the move - only then will they come for American resources.

Because by then, we'll be nothing - because our ability to truly defend will have been lost the moment NORAD loses the ability to direct the forces on our bases...

WWIII is here.  America will lose - because America does not have the grit or mettle to strike first to cripple our enemies.  Our enemies are not that stupid.  Nor will America retaliate in the face of nuke attack at a level of MADD.  Our 'Leaders' will choke.

You want to choke an enemy to death without getting excessively wet?  Take out his knee - his ability to maneuver and defend.  

The rest of your plan then becomes easy to achieve...


  1. It Comes...

  2. The implications are obvious - ONE SUCH MISSILE is sufficient to incinerate everything in the greater DC and NYC metros, including Balti, Philly, and most everyhing else inbetween. We're talking about 5 major cities and over 60 million people.

    On the west coast, one missile could eliminate the entire San Francisco /Silicon Valley area, plus LA and the entire Redmond tech area as well. Again, well over 50 million people and half a dozen major cities obliterated.

    Seems clear enough to me. Two missiles could utterly eliminate our tech-based society, and a third of the US population, leaving the rest of the continent essentially untouched and ready to be taken as a war prize.

    To presume that Team Bear-Dragon wouldn't do such a thin is plain foolishness...


  3. Oh, and BTW, just so you all know - the Satan II is fully orbital, so it can come 'under' the south pole and strike North America (or any other place on Earth), just as easily as over the old DEW LINE across the Canadian Arctic.

    No game, that.

    And USA hasn't developed a new ballistic missile system in 30 years. We're waaaaaayyy behind in that regard.

    Tough times. Tough Times


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