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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pessimism is Warranted...

A few 'Wolverines' think I am too pessimistic.

I think they are too optimistic.  Pulling the trigger of an AR is not sufficient to understand when and why it is prudent or justified to pull that trigger.


America has lost -- because we have allowed our youth to become ignorant, and we have allowed our youth to grow into adults who can not critically reason or be intellectually honest.


  1. Heh. If you're a pessimist then what am I?


    1. I guess we are a pack of pessimists.

    2. That's fine by me.

      I would rather die in good company,
      than live in bad company.


    3. ToneDeaf, I believe the correct term is a peck of pessimists, or is it, a peck of pickled pessimists. Or make that a bushel...whatever.
      Miss Violet

  2. For what its worth.


    cav med

  3. "because we have allowed"

    "and we have allowed"

    Hope that's not the start of a pattern. Leads straight to Loserville.

    I read that essay LT, very moving. So how'd that ride go?

    1. I remain non-convicted, Jim. Which is not to say that they haven't tried - but even the remnants of our justice system provide decent cover, for a man who can 'think on his feet'. the best way to endure a punch, is not to be there when it arrives.

      I guess the real question is, for myself or any other true patriot, "for what would you be willing to sacrifice yourself?" Or in other words, "what is the 'value of the target' for which you would accept a mission, knowing that the chances of your surviving as a free man thereafter were so low as to be negligible?"

      Since you appreciated "A Time to Kill", you'll probably also like this one - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/on-killing/



  4. America today, like most "modern civilizations" is based on cowardice.

    It's so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice.

    You water down the standards
    which would lead to bravery.
    You restrain the will.
    You regulate the appetites.
    You fence in the horizons.
    You make a law for every movement.
    You deny the existence of chaos.
    You teach even the children
    to breathe slowly.

    You tame.

    But this is not actually civilization...
    Call it what it is - this is Slow Death.

    And we are indeed dying of it.

    The civilizations of old knew Chaos;
    And gave Chaos it's place, which cannot be denied.
    They overcame exactly because
    they were realists -
    they did not delude themselves.
    And they endured
    because they were not so foolish
    as to deny that nature
    takes, even as she gives.
    They did not withhold from the future,
    that which it requires to come into being.
    And when that wisdom left them
    They each tried to possess
    that which is and must ever remain
    transitory and free.

    They tried, and they died.

    It is not good fortune, to live in the twilight of a particular civilization. But regardless, it has happened to many, many before us. Who are we to object?

    Each of us will do what we must.
    Some will speak,
    some will fight,
    some will die,
    some will live,
    and some will find it
    within themselves to lead.

    But all will adapt,
    in one way or another.
    It is inevitable.

    Death is as much an adaptation to changing circumstances as any of the other options - but it is an option which conveys no further options. By this we distinguish it.

    The rolling stone gathers no moss,
    Until it comes to rest in the valley.
    Let this be your fate.

  5. My personal comment
    to welfare lane, after hearing about
    a post he laid down yesterday,
    schilling for different ammo companies
    and encouraging others to buy, buy, buy,
    reloading equipment.

    The welfare state benefits
    and Free Shit Army funds
    are first class in California.
    Your splurging on more reloading equipment
    (and recommendation for others to
    hurriedly purchase more) makes it plain
    that you are not feeling any pain.
    Ahh, yes, life is good for you.
    With the wind at your back, the warm
    California sun, and pockets full of welfare state,
    Free Shit Army, disposable income."

    cav med

    1. If he's posting about businesses by name, he's courting them as advertisers. He's a demonstrated fraud who has zero grit. His one true passion is posting Camel Toe - to get the taste of his welfare sow wife out of his mouth.

  6. He most certainly is schilling
    by name (ammoland & Widener's).
    That's primarily what caught my
    Moreover, I guarantee you that was
    the sole motivation for his bullshit
    babbling and gesticulations about
    why he was "leaving the III community."
    Without hesitation, I'm willing to wager
    my testicles (scrotum sack included),
    beyond contestation that was the source
    for his change of heart.
    We, along with reality, know it had
    nothing to do with him being a poser,
    statist shitbag, WN, and FSA welfare sponge.
    Nope, its becaus you are a violent menance
    K and a felonious cheat.

    cav med

    1. Another ally has suggested a boycott campaign against Enemies of Liberty - do you think this would be a good place to start? Should we direct our disgust at Wideners & Ammoland - just enough to let them know we will never buy from them again - and we will actively denounce them across the internet - if they advertise on a welfare titty site?

  7. Peter ain't the only one capable
    of an infamously immortal denial.
    Welfare Lane has put him
    to shame with his schilling for sponsors.
    I guess the welfare state and FSA
    of Tennessee sucks, as compared to California.

    cav med


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