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Friday, October 14, 2016

Paging lil' Sammy Culper...

I wonder if we'll see lil' Mikey's name on the CHS list...

Probably not.  They don't want to burn that asset over at Forward Observer.

You get the name, right?  Forward Observer - as in the guy who tagged LaVoy just days before he was murdered?

Here's the piece.


  1. Do you think MBV and Beef-Stew are on that list also?

    Ritzheimer said once his discovery was made public it would expose OKs national as informants.

  2. Fifteen? FIFTEEN? Fuck me.

    Understand that if I even think you're a rat, I will shoot you in the face.

    Fair warning. You're move. :-)

    1. Fifteen.

      It only took one to betray Jesus.

      But hey, FED.GOV has a flair for overdoing everything... and making us pay for it all, too.

      Traitors deserve unmarked graves in forlorn, lonely places. All of them...

      I'd recommend having your first few holes dug before election day rolls around. Don't want to miss any opportunities because you're not prepared to make good and proper disposal when opportunities spring up "out of nowhere"...

      0l'Bammy has his meaning for "Shovel Ready jobs", and we've got ours.

      Remember Justice Scalia.

      Ricky Tick.
      Times a'commin.


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