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Friday, October 14, 2016

'Posturing' they say...

Everyone in the West is trying to dismiss recent Russian actions as 'Posturing'.

They may be correct, this time.

One day, once we all dismiss every act as 'posturing' - they will pull the triggers and catch us flat-footed.

Could it be this time?  You .Mil guys - do you see or hear any serious rumblings that US .Mil is actively prepping and/or countering this Russian 'posturing'?

Or, are we flat-footed, right now?

Here's the piece.

And consider this piece, here.


  1. I do not think this is merely posturing, it is preparing for war. And rightly so, the obama admin. is preparing a cyberattack against Russia.
    The last time I checked a cyberattack is justification for war.


  2. I can say that Moscow's home-front propaganda declaring the US to be a strategic threat has increased substantially over the last 3 years. Frankly, I haven't heard so much rhetoric about American imperialist intentions, or the "insanity" of our political leadership since 1989~90, when we we went into Iraq for the first time. Of course, that was the very tail end of the uncontested Communist rule over the USSR - so it stands out as a moment without equal in Russian geopolitical posturing.

    But still, we are today hearing more anti-American propaganda directed at Russian citizens than at any time in the last 25 years.

    It is also notable that in just the last 18 months, Russia has resumed flying a pretty regular schedule with it's Strategic Deterrent Air Forces (long-range bombers capable of carrying Hydrogen Bombs) which it had not been flying with any regularity since 1994.

    Things are definitely heating up - Russia has elevated it's strategic nuclear posture to a level not seen in 20 years. They have also built dozens of new bomb shelters - in the Moscow metro area, and several other cities as well - and has refitted hundreds of old USSR-era shelters as well. And it's not just the infrastructure - Russia has recently run several large-scale Civil Defense drills, including at least two where civilians rehearsed being evacuated to the new (or newly refurbished) bomb shelters. These recent rehearsals have involved millions of Russian citizens, and no matter how you spin it, that is a big deal.

    All of these things speak quite seriously to the proposition that Russia believes that the US poses an increasing threat to her national stability and security - and the Russian people are well aware of the change in their government's posture.

    In all, these changes send a very clear message, both to the Russian population, and to every nuclear nation who's paying attention at all - the Bear has awakened from 20 years of hibernation, and expects to be taken seriously. To ignore such an expectation would be the height of folly...

    High Folly - something which the US Federal establishment excels at; particularly 0bama, who is a Zen Master of Folly in every known variety.

    And yeah, we are totally flat-footed, right effin now -

    When's the last time you were in a public building and saw a [Bomb Shelter] sign, or the 3-triangle "Civil Defense" symbol anywhere?
    Bush Senior terminated the meager remainders of all federal spending for Civil Defense - not a dime has been spent on protective measures against nuclear attack for the American civil population in 28 years, and it had been underfunded for 15 years before that.

    So right now, unless you have prepared a shelter for your family, you have no recourse in the event of a nuclear exchange except to die quietly - either from the immediate effects of the blast (if you are very close to a target), or - much more likely - to die slowly as the radioactive fallout poisons you over a period of weeks.

    99.9% of nuclear fallout decays in 35 days or less, so if you can effectively shelter your family for 35 to 45 days, the chance that you'll survive long-term is pretty good. But to do that, you have to have a shelter prepared beforehand.

    The info and equipment you need can be found at http://ki4u.com/ - I've been doing business with them for just over 10 years - they are very knowledgeable and their prices are reasonable. I've been carrying their original NukAlert since 2007 - it's almost time to send it in to have the battery replaced and have it's calibration checked. I bought one for my wife in 2010. At first she scoffed. But then the tsunami hit Japan and wrecked the reactor containments at Fukushima. Since then it has been part of her EDC.

    Stay Safe.



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