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Saturday, October 8, 2016

That's going to leave a mark...

I do not care who you are - when Matt Drudge tells his 1 BILLION page views each month you are pussy whipped, you lose.


I really do not care how sexist this may sound to some of you, here's the reality: I do NOT want a President who can't pull serious Betty's.  Let's get this straight - a President who can fill his bank account in the private sector and score First Class women is NOT a bad option.  
Do you want some loser running the country who can't earn a paycheck or bed a Betty?

I do not.  

If the best you can do is a Welfare check and a fat welfare sow, you don't get a vote from this guy.

Let the howling begin.

FYI: Our friends in Florida and NC are safe and weathering the storm.


  1. The phrase 'serious bettys' was, of course, learned by watching the 1995 film, Cluless.

  2. "Let the howling begin." And indeed it has.

    Like coyotes in the night, the wailing of the establishment can be heard far and wide.

    Well Fugg'em.

    They maneuvered, pushed, squeezed, and plied upon us until there wasn't a single conservative candidate - nor was there room for one - in either of their "parties". And if their establishment has no room for me or anyone who believes as I do, then fine.
    It is after all, 'Their Establishment', not mine...or yours.

    But not being a part of their establishment gives me a great deal of liberty to deal with them on my own terms, and to engage against them as I see fit.

    Long ago, while huddled around a drip-heater in a GP Medium, with near-freezing rain and gale-forced winds battering everything outside, I objected to the conduct of some of the other soldiers in our undersized refuge. But an old sergeant laughed and responded, as though it should be obvious to even the greenest recruit, "It's better to have them inside the tent and pissing out, than outside pissing in."

    Well the 'establishment' has turned us all out, and it wasn't by accident that they did so.

    And so now it is their turn to receive that essential block of instruction, regarding occupancy of the tent, the direction of the wind, rain, and urine; and the ultimate lesson regarding what happens when they cross that line into verhalten wahnsinnig selbstzerstörerischen.

    I'm not going to have much sympathy for them, as they learn the meaning of the word, "FLÜGGÅӘNKб€ČHIŒßØLĮÊN"




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