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Friday, October 7, 2016


For continuing this war, when the prospects of victory are nil, raises its own question of morality.

What PJB is too good to grasp in this moment - there are people who 'want' WWIII.

Here's the piece.


  1. American forces in and around Syria should be advised that the Admiral Kuznetsov is more than just an aircraft carrier. The Kuznetsov Class ships are "Aircraft Carrying Missile Cruisers" - their role is hybrid, having the ability to launch entire flights of heavily armed cruise SS-N-19 "Shipwreck" surface-to-surface missiles, in addition to manned fighter/bombers such as the Su33 and Su25 Multi-Mission combat aircraft.

    And while some people may blow the Kuznetsov off and say that it's never been in battle before, and is thus "untested", it has been operational for over a decade, and it's crew has logged over 30,000 confirmed sorties from her ski-sloped launch deck, and as many recoveries of aircraft including under heavy seas and other adverse conditions with the Northern Fleet - well beyond any weather it might possibly face in the Med.

    And Adm. Kuznetsov has been to Tartus before - sometimes running operations off the Syria/Lebanon coast for months on end, so we know that ship and crew have the necessary "staying power".

    In addition, there is a growing possibility that one or more Kirov Class "Nuclear Powered Heavy Missile Cruisers" may also be deployed from that black Sea to the eastern Med. Kirov's also carry a heavy compliment of SS-N-19 Shipwreck long-range cruise missiles, which would put the Russian naval forces in a position of clear superiority against the presently deployed US Carrier Battle Group.

    An escalating response by US Naval forces would be seen as a clear and purposeful step towards war by America, in the eyes of the international community.

  2. I would argue that there are people who 'need' WWIII as opposed to want.


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