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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Best Way to Begin CivWarII & RevWarIII...

Just ignore the tens of millions who will vote for Trump, and the tens of millions more who subscribe to his LessGov platform.

Here's the piece.

You need more ammo.


  1. From the Article - "The last thing the U.S. needs is for large numbers of citizens to feel that they’ve been morally repudiated for supporting Trump."

    Or, in other words, "If we win, we must do everything in our power to downplay and even ignore the fact that our candidate will ignite a civil war in this country by her very occupancy of the Office of President. Because if we downplay and ignore these facts sufficiently well, then the outrage might go away and the counter-revolution might not actually happen."

    I believe this is foundationally recognized as "sticking one's head up one's ass, to avoid seeing the truth."


    And our society has become exceptionally stupid through the several generations of progressive education and leadership we have suffered under...


  2. No political operative, (D)emoncrat or (R)epubliscum, has any doubts as to the sensitive nature of this election - they ALL know that the time has come when "active suppression of fringe activists" is utterly necessary to the continuation of the sham which the American Political System has become -

    The second effect of a concession is to make the election appear legitimate. No one likes to lose. But by acknowledging that the people have spoken, the loser affirms that the process was basically fair.

    Trump seems unwilling to do that, at least in advance. The idea that the “system” is “rigged” entered political parlance this year as a more general critique, voiced in different forms by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as well as by Trump. But Trump now proposes, with little or no evidence, that the actual voting procedures might themselves be literally rigged.

    If the public doesn’t believe that voting has been conducted fairly, the outcome can lose legitimacy fast. Belief in the fairness of the voting results is, in fact, linked to an overall faith in the fairness of the system of government, precisely what’s been eroded in this campaign.

    RTWT - https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-10-21/why-losing-candidates-should-concede

    "the outcome [of the election] can loose legitimacy fast" - This is, without a doubt, the most profound understatement of the entire electoral season, and will probably retain that distinction - right up to the point when it becomes a violent reality.

    So the question is, are you prepared for the events which "Active Suppression" against all anti-Hillary voices and actions will require of the existing power structures?

    Because it is coming. They will not give up or let go without a fight...


  3. "immoral policies against muslims and latinos" Really?? There is nothing immoral about not wanting illegals and unvetted muslims in this country. The author of the piece is clearly a liberal, left wing democrat operative. And yes, more ammo.

  4. Remember what the NBPP did in 2012 - The Black Panthers 'guarded' polling stations wielding batons and other hand-weapons, right out in front of polling stations where "whitey" had to go to cast his ballot...

    Since turnabout is fair play why shouldn't liberty-minded men provide the same service to those passengers aboard the patently fraudulent 'Vote Buses'?

    Their motto is "Vote Early, Vote often".
    Among ours should be "Bust heads, Prevent Fraud"



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