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Monday, October 24, 2016

Update: Soros' Voting Machines


The outcome in any precinct using these machines must be considered suspect.

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  1. Heh. The outcome in those precincts must be considered corrupted and unusable. The question is to identify those precincts. How many patriots do we have out there that are willing to play photo-tag with as many voting machines as possible on the big E-Day? As in, "Go to as many polling places as possible and get a picture of the machine (and of the paper ballot, if there is one). Post pictures of said items, along with the specific locations where taken, to some shared resource - photobucket, 4chan, reddit, &etc.

    The idea being that we each get a copy of all the photos in near-real time, and thus end up with a tangible packet of evidence to review and decide by, whether there is enough *provable* adulteration of the electoral pool to declare it invalid. I suspect that we will go way over the mark if we work together.

    Another highly useful activity is to monitor polls for "vote buses" - that is, chartered buses full of unnamed 'voters' with no photo ID that go around to multiple polling sites on E-Day... because there's no way that voting multiple times should be considered fraud, right?

    While I'm not asking anyone specifically to follow a 'vote bus' around, doing so and getting pictures of its 'voters' at multiple polling locations would prove beyond a doubt the FACT of widespread voter fraud, as it has been alleged for at least the last 8 or 10 presidential elections.

    Again, photos of the actual buses (license plates and/or operator information) and pictures of the repeat-voters themselves are highly desirable - so please snap and share!

    Remember what Smokey the Bear always sez,
    "Only YOU can prevent forest fires".
    Too true. Too true.

    So folks, please let me know what your interest/commitment level is here, and I'll begin setting up the online resource(s) to receive and distribute your collected evidence on E-Day.

    Yes - E-Day. it makes sense in the context, and D-Day was already taken. That significance speaks for itself.



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