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Monday, October 24, 2016

More War

More on Russia's new posture regarding us, here.

Consider this: Russia is moving her fleet toward Syria, deliberately being provocative as she passes the UK.  We know Russia intends to be the dominant force in the Middle East.  We know the Bear is not afraid of war - even war with us.  

So, after the Motherland has positioned the Admiral Kutsenov and her escorts off Syria - what if they decided to remind the world that Russia is, indeed, a Super Power by dropping a small tactical nuke on some target in the area?  She would up the ante and cross a line that many people - foolishly - think Russia will not cross.

And just what, exactly, would Obama or Clinton do to retaliate if Putin decides to flex and turn a city of Mo's Morons into a glass parking lot?  

Short of a full nuclear exchange - which nobody in America would authorize - our political class would be told to sit down and shut up by the Bear.

And sit they would...


  1. Mo's morons deserve to get roasted in large quantities; that the US was unwilling to do so between 9/11 and now has simply opened a power vacuum for Russia to step in and assert authority and control over the region.

    Spineless, sniveling turds like Bush, 0bama, Clinton, and McCain are incapable of projecting real, authentic power, even while in possession of the world's most powerful Navy ever - because they have no fortitude, no vision, and no strategy.

    Vlad does not suffer such handicaps - whether you like Putin is irrelevant. What bears upon the situation is a simple equation - it is far easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire.

    While the USSR admired our strength we held them in check, primarily because of that admiration.
    But with our weakness came its decay and ultimate failure: we lost in the face of victory; We succumbed within sight of eternity. And now the tables are turned, such that many in America admire Putin and his Russia, as they once admired us.

    Do you wrestle with dreams?
    Do you contend with shadows?
    Do you move in a kind of sleep?

    Time has slipped away.
    Your life is stolen.
    You tarried with trifles.
    Victim of your folly.

    Does this not describe our culture, our nation as it stands in this day? When the Truth hurts, it is because you have healing to do, weakness to work yourself out of.

    The Truth suffers not for all our spite; only we do. And only we can put it behind us and restore our own dignity; but dignity and spite cannot co-exist. One must rule, to the exclusion of the other.

    If "respect for the Truth is the basis for all morality", then as a culture, we have no respect for the Truth - and most people are but a reflection of the dominant culture in their society, having no will or determination of their own - they think as they are told, do as they are told.

    What once we had, we have long since squandered, and our poverty as a nation is paramount in the eyes of the world.

    Things persist in not being what they seem, exactly because we are blinded by our personal opinions and petty desires - when you find yourself in a deep hole, the first rule is, "stop digging".
    That is what Trump amounts to - an opportunity to stop digging, take a deep breath, and decide what to do next.

    Indeed there is an answer, as Herbert spoke clearly -

    Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them.

    But there is no easy path, which does not lead downward into stagnation and death. Thus, the struggle is always ahead of us.


  2. The fact that the entire Northern Fleet and most of the Baltic Fleet have been mobilized for the first time in decades is disturbing.
    It is not strictly posturing though. They had to get those ships out of port in Severomorsk and Severodoninsk due to the Arctic Ocean getting ready to freeze over.

    1. It's never "just posturing". If it was, it wouldn't be taken seriously... kinda like what 0bama has done with American 'posturing' and his 'red lines'.

      We Be Fooked


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