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Monday, October 24, 2016

War Eagles - Earn it...

There is a reason grads who earn their tab after completing the extensive curriculum at the Jedburgh Academy also receive a solid silver War Eagle to pin across that tab - America is at war and Americans should be on a war footing.  The Jedburgh War Eagle is not a rank insignia - it is recognition of the commitment of a small and elite group of III Percent Patriots who have chosen Harm's Way in defense of Liberty.

The War Eagle is unique as a symbol, for the Eagle looks toward the arrows, not the olive branch.

Being a III Patriot today requires grit, courage and a moral compass that is pointed in the proper direction.  Sadly, far too many people find they can't carry the weight of being III - they simply do not have what it takes.  Being III can be hard, for it means you must live up to the rhetoric and ideals.  For too many people, it's just words, and we all know that quitters quit.  The III is far better off without them.  We have no room in the III for members of the Welfare State or Police State, and other genetic filth who can't even understand the concept of Rightful Liberty, much less do the work of living it...

Don't worry, Patriots - we'll keep doing the work of hurling such posers out of the III whenever we find them...


  1. Quitters quit, and the failing will fail.
    Only the man imbued with more overcomes.

    His distinction is not in what he has done, although this is how average men will measure him; rather, his distinction is in what he *CAN* do - and that is a vast unknown;

    Full of possibilities beyond what little men can even imagine, and it is by this vast panorama of possibilities within him that they are terrified; for his mind outreaches theirs, and his ability outstrips them; and he is thus beyond their control.

    He is the fool saint,
    The golden stranger
    living forever
    On the edge of reason.
    Let your guard fall
    and there he is
    making things right
    under your nose.


  2. P.S. - ...and I should like to have one of those silver Eagles.

  3. "We'll keep doing the work of hurling such posers out of the III whenever we find them..."

    You should never be in the company of anyone with whom you would not want to die. -FH


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