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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

71 Days...

The entire Marxist Left in America was repudiated last night by the Americans who pushed the Electoral College toward Donald Trump.

The entire Obama Legacy was repudiated in the same move.  Donald Trump has promised to deconstruct every major Obama 'achievement'.

The entire Establishment Republican construct was repudiated.  Every R who refused to support or endorse Trump was shoved aside despite their protests.

The entire Media Fifth Column was repudiated and their mask of objectivity revealed as a fabrication.

The entire Corporate and Bankster Fifth Column was equally revealed as Enemies of Liberty.

Foreign nations from Mexico to China to EU Tyrants, NATO parasites and Iran have revealed themselves as hostile to America.

In the face of all these powerful enemies, Donald Trump was pushed to the White House by Americans who refuse to live as tax chattel for the interests of unAmerican ideals.

Donald Trump represents a genuine threat and danger to each of these groups.

It is because of this threat he represents, and the people who put him into a position to exercise that threat, that the next 71 days may be the most dangerous in all of American history for those who love Liberty.  

Enemies of Liberty stand to lose everything with a President Trump who is supported by We the People.  Do not underestimate the depravity and willingness of Enemies of Liberty to maintain their power.

Stand alert, Patriots.  If they come at you, give them the Full Applegate & Fairbairn...

Remember the Standing Orders of the III Percent Patriots:

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...

V: Traitors first...


  1. Anti Trump protests and riots underway across the Country.


  2. And now comes undeniable cause - they will do what decent men consider unthinkable; because that they have no decency left in them.

    And when they do the Unspeakable, THAT then is your clear signal - to go fully on the offensive, and burn everything of theirs to the ground.

    LEAVE THEM NOTHING, NEITHER LIFE NOR PROPERTY - for surely they would have given you that very treatment in their victory.

    Though it be the lesser form of justice, even so seize this opportunity to purge your community and your nation of this infernal disease; for they would not accept the Justice which has been offered to every generation since the foundations of the world were laid.

    THUS, the choice was theirs, and with it they sought destruction. Let destruction, then, be their fate. Amen.

  3. "II: Do not fire unless fired upon..."

    We've all been fired upon.
    Some of us more literally than others.

    Thus, WAR IS BEGUN
    ...Now, onto the action clauses of points 4 and 5.

  4. I said it two weeks ago, and I still believe it to be true -

    The wheels on the bus go
    'round and round
    'round and round
    ...all through the town.

    Clinton has been thrown under those wheels
    and now the question is simple -
    How many of the left's 'Main Street minions'
    will accept this political reality;
    and how many will take to the streets
    and raise hell in protest against
    this decision by the elite -

    to abandon the candidate
    they have spent the last two years
    building up in the eyes
    of the leftist voters?

    We're about to witness the most contested
    election in modern history.

    And this contest will *not* be fought
    in the halls of power, nor in the media,
    but in the streets of downtown America.

    Does anyone imagine that #BLM will stand down quietly and accept this turn of fate?

    Or that the Muslim Brotherhood in America will simply accept the destruction of their patron and protector?

    Or that the millions of illegals who were counting on a Clinton Amnesty will simply keep their heads down and wait another four years?

    Or that the radical homos will sit quietly sobbing in front of their televisions on election day?

    Not a chance.

    In shattering the 'rainbow coalition' which was built around Candidate Clinton, the corporate elite have chosen to "release the Kraken".

    Even though it will cause substantial disruption to American society, the elite have decided that this is less of a problem for them, than continuing to back Hillary would have caused.

    Their decision is a selfish one - they do not care about the consequences for we the "dirt people" across the nation. All that matters to them is the continued prosperity and control they enjoy over Cloud City.

    Ugliness shall ensue. They will spend the next 9 days preparing for it.

    I heartily suggest that you do the same...


    The anger and resentment of the leftist dirt people - the ones who thought that, by eating the royal jelly fed to them by the leftist media that they could somehow be made into Cloud-Dwellers - that anger and resentment is massive, and it is rising; it will become a groundswell of unimaginable proportions.

    Do you see the pivot point which we have reached? That the left has now broken one of the cardinal promises implied in all of their dogmatic soundbites.

    Now the "Useful Idiots" phrase is no longer a meme - All the Main Street liberals, all the millennials, all the union workers who subscribed to the leftist promises and propaganda...
    All those people are now waking up to the fact that they were just jettisoned by the liberal elite, and are now left on their own; drowning in deep, cold water.

    We have not seen since the 1960s the clash of societies which is now bearing down upon us.

    You need more ammo, food, medical supplies, fuel, and --especially-- more allies.

    Brace for impact.


  5. The current sentiment of
    central and southern California.


    You know, that bastion of pornography,
    where illegal aliens become licensed lawyers
    and vote, and the ruling political class is dominated by white communists and their treasonous quislings.
    71 days out.
    Not for me.
    None of this changes anything for me.
    The time is now.
    The time is hot.
    Whenever, wherever, and however I can.

    cav med

  6. Just look at those expressions.
    Examine those faces.

    Nothing but the total and unmitigated hate
    of treasonous shitbags is apparent on the
    faces of all.
    Lest we forget, those quisling functionaries are those that your critics endlessly browbeat
    you for placing the crosshairs on, the same as the jackbbots who pull the trigger.

    cav med

    1. "Nothing but the total and unmitigated hate
      of treasonous shitbags is apparent on the
      faces of all."

      Yep. Angry, hateful, irrational shitbags.

      And we know how to deal with them, too.


  7. "71 days out.
    Not for me.
    None of this changes anything for me.
    The time is now.
    The time is hot.
    Whenever, wherever, and however I can."



  8. And so goes Oregon: oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/11/after_trump_victory_oregonians.html

    Maybe someone in the AO of
    Charleston, SC, needs to start
    ringing some bells.

    cav med

    1. Charleston isn't too far from me - about 7 hours driving distance, anyway. Whats going on down there, Cav Med?

    2. zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-11/oregone-oregon-joins-california-proposal-secede-after-trump-victory

      cav med

  9. That was a sarcastic joke
    regarding the introduction of
    a ballot initiative for Oregon's
    secession from the United States.
    Moreover, it refers to bells being rung
    in Charleston, each time a state followed
    suit (in secession) after South Carolina
    in 1861.
    Communists shitbags in California have
    also began agitating for secession
    since the election.

    cav med

    1. Sorry, missed the connection. I shouldn't have, as I am thoroughly familiar with the history of the Civil War period, but we all have our off moments...



  10. m.youtube.com/watch?v=5efb1WVxqvI&time_continue=119&ebc=ANyPxKodtIw_432gxv3xPb9XXBnVAKMXMIf44LcVUF0AIHboUgqalzPRIu2i0u0BdaEm4AubZy_i

    cav med


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