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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

To the 'Liberty' Blogosphere...

What passes for 'analysis' in the 'Liberty' blogosphere is sadly about as insightful and accurate as what we receive from the professional polling class.  It was widely and loudly declared that HRC was going to be POTUS 45 no matter what by most people running blogs and FB pages claiming to be 'Liberty' representatives.

Many of them were downright hostile and mocking of anyone who dared challenge that narrative.

They were wrong.

I am now looking for three things from these people.

1) Those who admit they were wrong.

2) Those who try to spin that they were never 'really' predicting a HRC win.

3) Those who admit they were wrong - but none of it matters anyway. 

Which path these people choose will tell us everything we need to know about their character.

Analysis relies on objectivity and insight - not echo chambers and wishful thinking.

The man who can't admit he was mistaken is the man who can never lead Men.

If you intend to successfully navigate the Hell that is imminent to Liberty and Patriots - drop the Ego and focus on reality, regardless of how distasteful you may find it.

Donald Trump is not Thomas Jefferson.  Hillary Clinton is Evil.  That is our reality.

If nothing else happened last night, Donald Trump ripped the mask from the Beast.  Allies stood to be counted.  HRC was body-checked off the field of battle.  The next Supreme Court Justices will be chosen NOT by HRC.  

Look at who voted for Trump.  Use that information to harvest new allies who had previously been silent.  

Most importantly - drop your Ego and hubris and get to fucking work.

This is not over, and Donald Trump can't fix it.

But he is better than HRC on every single fucking metric that matters to Patriots.

That is all.


  1. Allen ...calling Allen....HA!

  2. Be humble in victory and work harder than the day before. - Clandestine Lion

  3. Humility is great. But we are at a place that hard realities must be acknowledged so that true Leaders can be identified - and non-leaders set aside.

  4. I will admit I was wrong about the markets. This is one time I was glad I was wrong.
    One stock I am heavily in is up 13% today.

  5. K said "Look at who voted for Trump. Use that information to harvest new allies who had previously been silent." and "This is not over, and Donald Trump can't fix it."

    I can not agree more. You have been given the gift of time, so go make good use of it -
    Find allies, build relationships
    Train your asses off
    build up your supplies

    This "free time" we have been given is not really free at all. For as long as we have time to prepare, plan, and train - then so also do our enemies have the same advantage. And we will always be outnumbered - that is a given.
    Therefore - waste not, want not. Do the work. Every day.

    This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds


  6. Look closely, Patriots. Protests in NYC, Austin, Seattle, and various other places - - to protest the lawful election of our next president.

    The left was enjoying the "legitimacy" of their power while they had it, but now that they don't have that veil of legitimacy, they will go right back to their usual bag of dirty opposition tricks. Count on it.

    They have not given up; they will not just all go home and sulk in front of their TeeVees, or moan and wail in their safe spaces such as farcebook.

    They will do what revolutionaries do - they will adapt and they will come up with new plans, even as they lick their wounds.

    Never forget the pathology of the revolutionary mind - they do not see our government as legitimate, except when it does what they expect and demand. They have had the last 8 years to get comfortable with the belief that the government of the US "is theirs to use as they will"... and like a 3-year-old who's toy has been taken away, their ire is up and they are seeking not only to regain what they have lost - but also, REVENGE.

    Things will escalate from here. I cannot tell you how fast, or give you the pinpoints of exactly where and when their actions will push the line, but regardless - I am absolutely certain that they have a "level of pressure" that they intend to apply by the time inauguration day arrives.


  7. "If nothing else happened last night, Donald Trump ripped the mask from the Beast."

    That's all that happened the whole time, and some people looked. So now it's an exposed beast instead of a hidden beast.

    "Most importantly - drop your Ego"

    Hahaha, lmao. Reminds me of weapon surrender---anyone who would, should.


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