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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Rare Glimpse into the Mind of a Marxist in America

We all know what 'They' want.

Rarely do they show us in the light of day.

Single-payer healthcare.  Abolition of the Constitution.

Consolidated power to rule, here.


  1. Even in Oreegon, commies do not always win.
    This is pretty signifigant. A Republican was voted in at a State Executive level. First one since 2002.


  2. Those who hate our history always jump at the slightest opportunity to obliterate or rewrite it. This article about the anachronism of organizing government into states first, and a federated government second, is just such a leap towards obliteration.

    If any layer of government needs to be reduced or eliminated, it is the federal, not the state level which should yield.

    Because as much as progressives love centralization and big bureaucracy, it is anathema to the American culture and society, and is a proposition which stinks of "New World Order" even to many liberal noses.

    So regardless how many champions "removing the middle layer" might garner, a multitude of idiots is still idiotic, just as this proposal is.

    We have far more pressing issues to tend to, than a progressive wet dream of a USA devoid of States, anyway.

    Keep your powder dry - there are big things in the pipe.


  3. Its official.


    cav med

  4. Affix Bayonets.
    Make Ready.


  5. This may be the biggest in the pipe

    1. Anyone else see the coincidence of Obozo being in Peru during the same weekend that this counterfeit sting takes place?



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