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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Open Invitation to Idaho Electors

Idaho Electors are being harassed by Team HRC.

HeatStreet, here.

Another, here.

The III will reach out to these Electors should they request security.

Check your local Electors and see if they need your help.


  1. How about a 4chan raid on the Dem Electors and convince them to vote Trump? Use their tactics on themselves.

    Make no mistake, we are headed toward a fight. Plain and simple.

  2. These progressive Doxxers should be hunted. ruthlessly.

    They do their dirty work from a distance, believing they do so without real danger to themselves.

    We ought to give them a reminder that people are accountable for their actions, and that distance is no barrier to consequences which flow back from their foul and anti-American conduct.

    Let a few deserving souls eat lead, and the rest will scatter like the roaches that they are.



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