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Monday, November 14, 2016


This is spooling up to be a serious event and serious threat to our national stability.

Their focus is on DC, and about 1/2 of the country lives withing a days drive of the Capitol.

They will also focus on every major Marxist stronghold across CONUS.

Website, here.

FB, here.

InfoWars perspective, here.

WND perspective, here.

Soros is involved, here.

If you and I can agree on the broad brush strokes of The Trump Doctrine, I suspect we can probably agree that defending those who helped elect him (passively where appropriate, and actively when appropriate) is in our best interest, and may require that we leave the porch soon...


  1. Is this what we will have to confront when porches are left?

    'OMG, I have to tie my shoe. This is the most dangerous thing I have ever done.'

    Hah, easy peasy!


  2. Life's about to get really interesting.

    If all they put on the field is a bunch of high school and college kids, then they've lost already... but that won't be all - droves of these poor youngling idiots will be used as the cover for a handful of real, actually nasty and dangerous people. And dealing with that inner group is going to cause collateral damage, whether it happens at beltbuckles or at 500 yards.

    This is what I mean when I say that "those in the middle will be hurt first, and hurt worst."

    Time to strap up and mount the wall, gents.
    The horde is coming...


    1. The majority of American voted against Trump. His hacking support by Russian dictator Putin only makes this worse. People opposing Trump are patriots, those supporting him are fools, fascist and communist.


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