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Monday, November 14, 2016

And the World goes Mad...

UVA professors object to quoting Mister Jefferson.


Perhaps they should go work elsewhere?  Maybe - Canada?


  1. We are headed towards a violent clash, period.
    When the progressive left advocate for the financing of weapons, it is on.


  2. Friggin.

    Period. Full Stop.

    These people are headed for they know not what.

    Because there are millions of regular Americans right now, whose tolerance and magnanimity are being pushed tho their limits. Regular Americans who own and are proficient with rifles; who would never consider starting a gunfight, but who will accept the necessity of defending themselves, if forced to do so.

    Should these leftist yahoos actually take up arms, that magnanimity will evaporate like the morning dew on a hot dry day, to be replaced with a soaking of the red, red wine of bloody conflict.

    Schrader calling for armed violence, The Clinton Foundation making weapons purchases in the tens of millions of dollars in Eastern Europe... what's next, but the actual sparks of conflict, igniting an unstoppable maelstrom of insurrection.

    Do they not know that they will loose? Because without heavy assistance from a trained military force, there is no way the American Left can ever hope to win such a scenario... it's downright suicidal.



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