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Monday, November 14, 2016


**Interesting**  Fascinating, is it not, that most of the 'celebreties' in America who promised to leave CONUS if Trump won - they look to Canada versus Mexico.  I guess those folks don't want to go live in a Brown country...

CalExit (now with Oregon, Washington and Nevada voices joining the song of stupidity) is the sort of phenomenon that is born from emotion by people with a higher than average dose of The Stupid coursing through their veins.

First: This is never going to happen, so the discussion is for amusement purposes only.

Second: There are a LOT of Americans, particularly in the area trying to break-off into the State of Jefferson, who would violently resist even the notion of Canadian rule.

Third: There are a LOT of people across America who would never trust the Marxists who want to CalExit with our entire Pacific coast, harbors and resources.  We know it would take about 10 minutes before those idiots started selling Long Beach to the PRC, et cetera.  

Fourth: Anyone who wants to demonstrate their sincerity, here's how you do it.  

 A) Sell your assets and get your curtain crawlers out of American schools.
 B) Renounce your US Citizenship.  It's nothing but a bureaucratic form that you sign at a US Diplomatic Station in a foreign country.  Then, while you are in Canada (or where-the-hell-ever) apply for Citizenship.  (Clue - it may not be as easy as you think.  Most countries actually have standards regarding who they let become Citizens.)
 C) Stay the Fcuk out of America - which is now and shall remain California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Don't ever come back here without a proper travel visa.
 D) Just sayin'...


  1. Let California go, then sell them water at $50 a gallon, payable in advance, in gold.

  2. For all the Liberals wailing that they want to leave, we could just detain them all (along with their families) at Guantanamo, while they apply for resident-alien visas in whatever socialist country they believe is "better"...

    The real question is going to be, "what to do with them when their applications are denied"... because we should *not* let them back onto American soil. Period.

    They've plainly demonstrated (pardon the pun) that they aren't loyal Americans, and the Alien Enemies Act is still in force.

    The process is simple - We convict them of Treason for conspiring with a proven enemy (Soros and Clinton organizations, et. Al), strip them of their citizenship upon conviction, and issue them all Passports which clearly state, "Not Valid For Re-Entry to United States" and send them on their way...
    Heck, we could give every one of them, including as many of the welfare class as would take the offer (including their minor dependents) a free plane ticket to anywhere they want to go, and a one-time $10,000 disbursement (upon deplaning on foreign soil), right along with that "Not Valid For Re-Entry" passport, and still come out ahead as a nation.

    Because ninety seven percent of those people have no intent of ever being productive citizens, and they could live like kings in many countries, for years on end, with that $10k/head departure payment.
    At least that way, what happens to them in the future is no longer our burden.

    And if their children become productive adults and want to emigrate here, then they can follow the same lawful procedures as everyone else.

    We have already been too generous and too patient. It's time to return to reality and it's constraints upon our conduct - as individuals, and as a Nation.

  3. Meh, part of LA Gay Dayz. Los Angeles puts nearly that many fags and lesbos in the street on a non-election year for their 'Gay as you wanna be' Gala.

    Fuggem. They're all freaks and skeves anyway

  4. People are just SO stupid. It's a good time to live on a mountain in north Idaho.
    Miss Violet

  5. I disagree.
    After uncontested decades
    of treasonous attacks and
    high crimes, the proverbial
    breaking point is imminent.
    The implausible is now plausible.
    The impossible is possible.
    Anything and everything is on the
    table, discount nothing.
    The center cannot hold.
    And as the wise and intelligent
    Mama Gump knew, "stupid is as
    stupid does."




    cav med

    1. Do you think these anti-Trump protests are ramping up or fizzling out? I think they have as much energy today as they will have - they are motivated and it is fresh. If they don't Go Hard now, they will go dormant again for years.

    2. Agreed.
      Without an escalation to the next level,
      which I am not seeing, these pre-planned and calculated events will soon stagnate.
      However, I have noticed the uptick of
      (one sided) physical attacks committed by the communists and their quisling foot soldiers on their poltical enemies, who are targeted based on skin color, poltics, and citizens supporting and defending our Republic.
      If an escalation of those attacks
      continue, it will determine the course
      of events nationally, specifically if the
      go unanswered and without the most
      badic self-defense by those being attacked.

      cav med

    3. "I have noticed the uptick of
      (one sided) physical attacks committed by the communists and their quisling foot soldiers on their poltical enemies, who are targeted based on skin color, poltics, and citizens supporting and defending our Republic."


      "Polar Bear Hunting"

  6. Does anyone have first-hand info from any of these protest cities?

  7. They are ramping up definitely. The Soros money is just starting to flow.

    High School walkouts and protests in Portland and Silver Spring.

    1. Definitely on the uptick. Still lots of Soros ads for paid protesters on Craigslist, still lots of BS going through fb and tweeter, etc.

      So in other words, the pot is still being stirred vigorously from above. And I have heard that they have plans for further escalation - particularly somethnig "big" over Thanksgiving weekend, when they can get and hold everyone's attention by the TeeVee football games.



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