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Monday, November 14, 2016


From Blue's Shop, here.
The tears of unfathomable sadness ebbed just enough about 36 hours after the election that the Left began to whine about one of their most cherished goals - to scrap the Electoral College.  I had expected Op-Ed pieces Wednesday, but I guess their shock and terror were just too severe to go that soon.  They had safety pins to affix.  The first call came from HuffPo on Thursday.  CNN chimed-in on Friday.  Over the weekend, the calls for de-constructing the Constitutional elector system could be found on most MSM.

HRC has announced she will make it one of her political goals to kill it.

Even Trump supports a direct vote.

The election is over.  Trump is still 9 weeks from inauguration.

The politics never, ever, ends.

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  1. "The election is over. Trump is still 9 weeks from inauguration.
    The politics never, ever, ends."

    And so shall it remain, until Christ's return.

    As I have many times observed, this world is the Devil's playground. And we never know what we're going to get next, but we can reasonably assume it's not going to be puppy dogs and rainbows. And so it is right now - we don't really know what we're getting - Trump could be a really great President. He could: cut Federal spending in half; eliminate 0bozocare; reform our immigration policy to undo the damage of the (Hart-Celler) Immigration Act of 1965; eliminate two-thirds of federal regulations and streamline the remaining third to the point that we have very nearly an actual free and open market, on everything from guns and ammo to health insurance and healthcare; he could build a wall, and charge admission to see it, and it could make so much money that it pays for itself... Ok, yeah - now I'm just being facetious.

    Or he could turn out to be a total and utter a$$h0l3 autocrat, who says "Hey you elected me, now I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do, whether you like it or not." Essentially like the current cretin infesting the White House. We really don't know what a President Trump will do, and anyone who argues against that point but proves their own lack of perspective in the matter.

    We live in a country which is not a Nation; we live in a country with a two-tier justice system - where the rich and powerful of Cloud-City live the law of Laissez-Faire permissiveness, while those of us down here in dirt-ville are forever entangled by a bureaucracy which wields so many laws, that it is actually impossible to obey them all at once.

    And the question is, "Will Trump fix it, or will he saddle us up and ride us like every other occupant of the White House for the last hundred years has done?" Speaking with blunt honesty, the odds are not in our favor. Even Reagan - so popular among the "Conservative" crowd - saddled us and rode us, albeit a lot more gently than how we've been treated since then.

    As I have also previously stated - "Elections are like Auctions - There are No Guarantees and there are No Refunds".

    Given everything before us, I chose to vote for Trump because there is still a streak of optimism in my soul, which has not yet been tainted or tarnished by the filthy, lying, manipulating power-brokers, whose talons are in everything these days.
    But my faith, as always, is with God. And He has a sense of humor, which I am just beginning to understand... and often laughter is the best medicine. I intend to enjoy as much of that medicine as I can; because regardless of Trump there is still a massive storm roiling the horizon and headed our way, and it is just a matter of time before we have to face that existential conflict. Trump cannot save us from it.

    ...but he may have bought us some time. And that's better than any of the other contestants had to offer this season in the election game-show.



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