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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Transition Change Proves Serious Intent

Chris Christie in a pure-blood neo-con.  He was never suited to be The Donald's Transition Team Leader.

And now, he isn't.

Good for President Elect Trump.

More of this is goodness, please..


  1. Agree. I never liked him. I thought he always projected a false note. I think he would be a thorough tyrant.
    Miss Violet

  2. Christie is nothing but a Democrat who recognized the truth - the entire Overton window has gone so far to the left that today, "mainline Republicans" are well to the left of where so-called "Blue Dog Democrats" were just 50 years ago.

    To call such critters "RINOs" doesn't do the situation justice - there really has been a tectonic shift of such magnitude in this country that what we call "Democrats" are outright Stalinist commies, and todays "Republicans" now fill the position which the Democrats did in the early 1960s... and THERE IS NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEFT WHATSOEVER. Neither party even has a "conservative wing" any more.

    Make no mistake - Trump is not a conservative; he is a populist. And populists tend to favor the Big Government approach - mostly because populists come into power when a sufficient portion of the population says to themselves, "there is a really big problem which we need to fix". And they don't know how to fix it, but they vote for the "outsider" who promises to fix it for them.

    Thats what a "Populist" is - a supposed outsider who promises to solve major problems and "take out the trash" which has built up in the government. Teddy Roosevelt was a Populist, very similar to Trump in many ways. Study the issues of his day and the promises he made, and see the parallels which exist. As they say, "history doesn't exactly repeat, but it very often rhymes."



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