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Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Outreach to all Americans

If this woman does not get a serious outreach position in the Trump administration, he is wrong.


  1. That young lady has her sh*t squared away!

    She's knowledgeable, honest, forthright, and she knows how to lay it down - straight from the heart and straight to the point.

    She's a winner in my eyes, not just with black voters, but with everyone who has witnessed the calamity which nearly every one of our inner cities has sunk into over the last few decades.


  2. Having worked in the South Bronx/Upper Manhattan for 20 years, school choice along with charter schools is important in inner cities. But, there is an abuse of entitlement programs that is sickening; there are many good people but just as many corrupt abusers that take advantage of the handouts.
    Stop the abuse!!

  3. Aaaaaand just like that, the video is gone.
    Remember folks - the left may have lost their anointed for the presidency, but they still hold the majority of the reigns of power in our society, starting with the media.

    And they will use that power to create chaos, to whatever extent they think it will benefit them. As I have already stated - I expect a great deal of chaos to be incited in the progressive stronghold cities before the inauguration... and even more thereafter.

    I believe they will try to incite sufficient chaos, so as to make this country "ungovernable" by any civil means. Look to the period 1967~1971 for a model of what comes.



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