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Friday, November 11, 2016

Palin for Interior

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) is the United States federal executive department of the U.S. government responsible for the management and conservation of most federal land and natural resources, and the administration of programs relating to Native American, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, ...

Sarah.  Palin.

Interior may not be the most high-profile, glamorous Cabinet position - yet it is squarely in Palin's wheel-house, and she would correct many wrongs in that post.  She would prove a solid, serious successor to The Donald.

Free the Hammonds on Day One!! 

Palin was done dirty by the Establishment R's and D's following her run with F*cknut McCain.  Trump can give her the opportunity she deserves.

Palin for Interior.


  1. Palin for Sec.Interior.
    Trey Gowdy for AG.
    Gen. Boykin for Sec.Def.
    Patrick Buchanan for Sec.State
    Ben Carson for Surgeon General
    Scott Walker for Sec.Labor

    Who else?

  2. I would much rather see President Trump totally dissolve the Department of Interior.

    1. Not me, not yet. America is fundamentally a nation of precedent. Let her establish the precedent of returning the lands to the states, then abolish the department.

      Then she'll be ready to take the next election...

    2. I'm with ya, TD. I'd love to see more than half the executive departments dissolved - but the American people deserve to have it done right - and that means an orderly, well-planned handover of responsibilities back to the states...
      Which will take time.

      the Departments of: Interior, Education, Labor, Agriculture, Health and Human disServices, HUD, and DHS - should all be totally disbanded IMHO.

      While I hate to admit it, there is a legitimate purpose for the Department of Commerce - albeit about 10% of what it does now.

      The (small) legitimate portion of DHS could be turned over to the Department of Defense - it could be handled in the same way they operate the Coast Guard (which is the original DHS anyway).

      And we've gotta have some agency responsible for regulation and inspection of all the Nuke Plants and dealing with the issue of handling nuclear waste... so the Department of Energy gets to remain, and it can/does also manage our Strategic Petroleum Reserves, which should continue to be an executive function, IMHO.

      But all the agencies that get to continue their existence need to be cut in headcount, as they are reduced in responsibilities.... so about 3/4ths of the beltway gang would be outta work if I had my way!

    3. "about 3/4ths of the beltway gang would be outta work if I had my way!"

      Heh. Joke 'em if they can't take a fcuk.

  3. Ann Coulter for Press Secretary

    He needs to steer clear of Bolton

  4. K,

    I disagree. The very act of appointing a Secretary of Interior is validating the legitimacy of an Unconstitutional, unelected, unaccountable agency.

    By declining to appoint these Cabinet positions he would set precedence.

    Now is the time to go big. Now is the time to be bold. Pull the bandaid off quickly.

  5. This is how it is done.


  6. His first action has to be crushing .Gov Employee Unions.

    1. Agreed. Like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin - break up the union's monopoly on the bureaucratic workforce.
      Then kill it, piece by piece...



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