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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Not nice-nice - stomp-stomp!

Donald Trump should be magnanimous and gracious toward those whom he defeated this week, but his first duty is to keep faith with those who put their faith in him.

President-Elect Trump: Do NOT take a single step backward on ANY promise you made to us.

Special Prosecutor for HRC - Get it done!

Here's the PJB piece.

This is NO TIME FOR BIG TENT - this is the time to scatter our enemies and stomp their f'n throats.  They have been routed, but unless we crush them, they will regroup and return.

This is the moment to correct the mistake of our Founders - when they failed to extirpate EVERY Loyalist from the new republic.


  1. They had 18+ months to come --reasonably-- and make their desires heard. They failed. Worse than failed, they did everything in their power to knowingly and purposely subvert the system - in short, they disqualified themselves from the discussion.

    And like the fools that they are, they are now compounding their errors by raising hell in the streets "protesting".

    Mr. President Trump - please, do not waste your time on them and their juvenile antics. They are irreconcilable by their own choice, and are not worthy of your time. The more you reward this bad behavior (disrupting our normal lives w/ protests) the more of it they will do. Please, take these two months to prepare for your inauguration. We need a great deal from you in your first 100 days - our Nation needs a lot from you - things only you can do. Please just remain focused on those things.
    That's why we voted for you.

    Warmest regards,

  2. In short,

    Don't Give Up Our Momentum


  3. Can I ask a question. What happens if he starts back-pedaling? I'm reading little bits here and there that he is. Climate change and immigration for example. What if he starts appointing dumb asses to run things? While Palin might be a good choice, is a Christie good for anything? What happens if Giuliani becomes AG and Stop and Frisk is instituted nationwide?

    Just spitballin' you understand. My conscience us clear. I had nothing to do with any of this. :-)

    1. Totally valid questions, Alan.

      My gut says he's going to slow roll some things, just because he doesn't want the normies' heads exploding on a daily basis...
      And I'm ok with a reasonable amount of slow-rollin, so long as things are being pushed in the right direction.

      Outright backpedaling - I don't expect much of that from Trump. It's not who he is... he's more of a double-down kinda guy, if my take on him is anything near correct.

      Hopefully he builds a Reagan-esque cabinet - lots of smarts and lots of position-specific experience.

      I'm praying myself silly that everything comes together and we get what our country needs at this point, because elections are like auctions - there are no guarantees, and there are no refunds.


  4. Aye. A special prosecutor for HRC and her entire staff, the entire DNC staff, and anyone else discovered to have been part of the conspiracy, while investigating and prosecuting any of the above!

    TREASON, SEDITION, CONSPIRACY, ESPIONAGE, and FRAUD are all on the table as top-line charges. And anywhere TREASON or ESPIONAGE is the top line charge, then it should be a CAPITAL CASE because of the real and immediate threat to US Security due to Muslim Brotherhood involvement...

  5. Bring Rope -
    We're having a hangin' party!


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