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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fauxcahontas Rising

This is the Marxist filling the HRC void.

Fortuneately she is going to be 71 in 2020.  But between now and then, she is the female Bernie who will be speaking for every Marxist dreaming of impeding Trump.

Brush up on who she is, folks.

Her sole purpose is to roadblock Trump, here.

Warren asks GAO to 'look into' Trump transition, here.

Her Senate.Gov official site, here.

Her FB, here.  

Her Twitter, here.

WaPo on Fauxcahontas, here.

Politico on her filling the Marxist void, here.

I am not certain if I should feel bad for the people of Massachusetts - or write them off entirely as having a single ounce of the blood of Patriots in their veins.

Either way, this is where the locus of Marxist power will settle for at least the next two years, until the mid-terms.

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  1. Salary as a Law Professor to teach one class at Harvard:
    "Tax returns show that while a professor at Harvard Warren earned a salary of $430,000 per year, and as Senator she now earns a salary of $174,000 per year."
    This Marxist is dangerous but I don't think she'll inspire the urban neighborhood; she's a phony and I'm assuming the young progressives see through the $$$ charade. -A.W.


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