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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Marxists begin laying the ground for physical resistance in Sanctuary AOs

They are careful with their words, but they directly refer to 'physical confrontation' and 'physical defense' where ICE may show-up to execute deportation raids.  These Marxists are planning 'community responses' along the lines of flash mobs, with the purpose of stopping ICE raids with direct physical confrontation.

Before you knee-jerk against FedGov, as many 'Patriots' are wont to do, remember that immigration is a Constitutionally valid responsibility and duty of FedGov.

Here's the piece.

This Marxist teaches at UCLA:  But I want to return to the white working class and how we might break the cycle of “whitelash.” First, we cannot change this country without winning over some portion of white working people, and I am not talking about gaining votes for the Democratic Party. I am talking about opening a path to freeing white people from the prison house of whiteness. True, with whiteness comes privilege, but many of the perceived privileges are inaccessible to most, which then generates resentment. Exposing whiteness for what it is—a foundational myth for the birth and consolidation of capitalism—is fundamental if we are to build a genuine social movement dedicated to dismantling the oppressive regimes of racism, heteropatriarchy, empire, and class exploitation that is at the root of inequality, precarity, materialism, and violence in many forms.  I am not suggesting we ignore their grievances, but that we help white working people understand the source of their discontent—real and imagined.

He doesn't call for 'physical confrontation' directly, but he lays the same ground that is but a single thrown brick away from evolving into a riot.

Here's the piece.  The title says it all - 'After Trump: What the Resistance Must Look Like'

Keep an eye on social media and the groups listed in the CounterPunch piece.  They will be the people standing opposite Patriots, who mean to do violence.


  1. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    They bring a brick, we bring a gun.

    They put one of us in the hospital, we put five of them in the ground.

    Simple math.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Merry Christmas.
    Keep climbing up to that
    moral high ground.



    cav med

    1. The previous comment was
      typed with full sarcasm intended.

      cav med


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