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Monday, November 21, 2016

President Trump: Free the Hammonds in 59 Days

We have 59 days to raise the pardon of the Hammonds to Donald Trump's radar.

Have you signed yet?  https://wh.gov/ievEr

The goal is to bring this issue to his team, then to the President-Elect with sufficient energy that he takes the decision to issue a pardon to Dwight and Steve on Inauguration Day.

We started an official WhiteHouse.Gov petition very late on Saturday the 19th.  Already we are climbing through the piles of petitions, and at this moment we sit on page 2.  Go to petitions.whitehouse.gov - hit 'Load More' at the bottom of the page, and you'll find our petition.

We need to reach more people.  We need you to sign, then blast this petition address ( https://wh.gov/ievEr ) to everyone you know in email, across your FB and blogs and other social media. Urge your friends and family to take the 2 minutes needed to sign the petition and then forward the link to their social circle.  Ask your faborite bloggers to promote the link to the petition.

We do not need 100,000 signatures - we simply need enough to get the attention of Team Trump.  He wants to set the tone of his Administration early and firmly.  This is an issue we can all support. You can do your part right now, sitting at your computer - no need to kit-up or spend money.

To our friends and allies who 'don't do petitions' and who have lost all faith in 'the system' - and especially to those of you who may not like this messenger - set all that aside and push the message. This is about Dwight and Steven Hammond and using the best opportunity we have ever had to get them out of prison and home to their families.  Do it for them.  Do it for that one-in-a-million chance that it might work.

This is about Dwight and Steve - and nothing else.  Set aside your pride, Ego and pessimism and pull the trigger.  It is free - it costs nothing.  If it works, you will be part of helping good men go free - and home.  You won't merely be a bystander.

On the heels of the Oregon acquittals, what could send a stronger message to the BLM, Interior and DoJ that the West belongs to We the People?

Here it is again: https://wh.gov/ievEr

III Percent Patriots


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