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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dump the Electoral College? I think not...

Either you get it, or you do not.


  1. Yeah - roughly 60 overpopulated counties which are so corrupt, evil, and despicable that they'd vote for Satan himself... what can I say to them, except, "You are like everyone else. You are not different, and you are not better than the rest of us. Just like everyone else you will receive the wage of your sin. The only thing which makes you unique, is the extent to which you embrace the deceptions under which you live.... and they shall be your undoing."


    1. I see the beginnings of a strategy in this map.

      Those counties would seem to be where Patriots should invest the most energy to counter the power of the Marxists. The remaining counties, while all have Marxists in them, at least have a slim majority or right-thinking folks who should be responsible for their own AO.

      If Patriots were to focus on those 60 or so counties, what is the most effective way of shifting the balance of power, under current realities and circumstances?

    2. Rifles and bayonets. Round their asses up and deport them all to deep water, on leaky barges.

      Any country who wants them can come get them, while they last...

    3. We need a practical and realistic strategy and set of tactics. Even if we could muster 50 Patriots on any given X - .Gov would shut down such activity most brutally.

      We do have many III Patriots and associates in and around the counties that voted HRC. Surely there must be effective tactics of the covert and clandestine varieties that could set brush fires. Of course, finding Patriots 'willing' to go there is another matter entirely...

    4. Cripple their communities with fear, DC Sniper style. Assure them that it will continue until they self-deport to countries more in keeping with their communist aspirations.

  2. Isn't today the anniversary of one one of
    their own being publicly executed with high powered rifles?

    cav med

  3. The best steaks are made
    from slaughtered sacred cows.
    For all you knuckleheads who still
    believe in Unicorns, rainbows and
    fairy tales, Breitbart, Fox, etc.
    Patrick Caddell shuts that shit down
    in less than sixty seconds during
    an interview (on Breitbart news) this
    morning, leading off with his opinion
    about Trump selecting Nikki Haley
    as ambassador to the U.N. yesterday.
    During the brief opening seconds, he
    describes the "positive leadership she
    exhibited" in having the Confederate Battle Flag removed from S.C. state capitol property.
    Suck on that lemon before dinner
    tomorrow, or during your next sodomy rape
    by the forces of 'fuck your rule of law'
    and equal justice.


    cav med


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