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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

III ThreatCon Status: Orange

The ThreatCon level for Patriots has been elevated to Orange and will remain at least this high until after the Inauguration of Donald Trump on 20 January 2017.

Speific threats such as recent reports of targeting the Universal City station in Los Angeles, calls for 'Bloody Friday' by ISIS and other Muslims, as well as the generic and ever-constant threats we face.

Heightened security at L.A. transit stations...

Threat to blow up Universal City station...

Be certain not to discount the highly-agitated state of American Marxists and the potential for more violence from their ranks as Inauguration Day grows closer.  #DisruptJ20 has promised to cause a ruckus in DC and in cities across the country.  

Also there is the 'Million Woman March' scheduled for DC on 21 Jan.  (I don't expect much from this group - a bunch of Marxist women leaving Starbucks into the chill of DC in January won't be motivated for much mayhem before the heated seats of their Beamers beckon them home...)


  1. There are other reasons to raise ThreatCon at this time.

    Those who maintain a proper signals-intel program as part of their S2 already know what I'm talking about. But for everyone else, do a search on "HFGCS" and do not skip the wikipedia article - fair warning, at least 50% of what comes up will be total wackadoodle stew. Please disregard and move on to that which is sane - basic info about the system and it's official purpose for existing. Draw your own conclusion about "what else" it might be useful for, once you understand it's scope and functionality.

    Point being, HFGCS has been "exceedingly active" lately. Such is not a crystal ball - more a barometer of what may be coming.

    I highly recommend that every prepared community have a few folks that monitor the shortwave bands with regularity - Not just HFGCS, but also non-US reported news via BBC, Deutsche Welle, and other international broadcasts (and if you have someone who knows Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, or whatever, then make sure that they have a radio to listen to the non-english news broadcasts), in order to give you group the best possible perspective on just how much the US/MSM ***doesn't even mention***, as well as how big some of their lies are.

    FACT: there are things *said* on shortwave news programs, which will they would never publish in an online or paper article, because such c/would be considered inflammatory. Thus, the shortwave broadcasts are probably the closest thing to honest news reporting you can get from the international community; and of those the native (non-english) language broadcasts are the very best for this purpose.

    build your skills, build your 'non-weapon arsenal'. You seriously need to.


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  3. It does not matter that
    the Presidential election
    is technically over, the masks
    are still being ripped off without
    pause or care.
    Regardless of whether these efforts
    successfully pan out for the treasonous,
    the communists, the traitors and their
    foot soldiers, all are irrevocably exposing
    their true selves.


    It does not matter that
    the Presidential election
    is technically over, the masks
    are still being ripped off without
    pause or care.
    Regardless of whether these efforts
    successfully pan out for the treasonous,
    the communists, the traitors and their
    foot soldiers, all are irrevocably exposing
    their true selves.




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  4. Hah!

    Mercedes Marxists and Beamer Bolsheviks.

  5. Now liberals want to pay no taxes for the next four years because they lost.


  6. An update from the Miami Herald.
    By the way, so goes Pennsylvania (Officialy):


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  7. I finally found something, just like
    I said, well into the eleventh hour
    Federal budget, continiuing resolution,
    'fuck you,' that will treasonously and
    criminally forced through this Friday


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  8. The presidential recount in Michigan is a complete and utter mess: amp/fusion.net/story/374300/michigan-recount-jill-stein/amp/?client=safari

    Call me crazy, but "a complete and utter mess" is impossible to resolve before the 13 December deadline.
    That is, barring a burp of divine intervention
    from a judge pretending that the rule of law
    still exists.

    cav med

    1. Call me crazy, but "a complete and utter mess" is impossible to resolve before the 13 December deadline."

      Just one more way we are getting the government we deserve... no one wants to spend the time to get involved, until they perceive that there's some "huge problem".

      Politically, the vast majority of Americans are like seagulls - they fly in, eat the free meal, raise an insane ruckus, crap all over everything, and then go repeat the process elsewhere.

      Go ahead, say I'm wrong.
      You can't, if you're honest with yourself -

      We are getting the government we deserve.

    2. Yeah.
      You completely missed
      my point and the included
      I keep posting links about
      the 3 state recount because
      I believe it will be used to overturn
      Trump's electoral college win.
      And it will be done by causing
      Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennslyvania
      to miss the December 13 deadline
      for certification their vote tallies.
      I have been annoyingly
      insistent about this because of the reality
      of this threat, as it has been widely missed
      by those that stand to lose, and those
      who should have the critical thinking
      skills to assess this situation, but
      cannot and have not.
      The "call me crazy"
      sarcasm is a dig on my detractors
      who don't posses a shred of
      critical thinking skills.
      Other than to mindlessly harp on,
      about how clinton would never get
      enough votes from the recounts, so
      any assessment contrary to that
      was stupid and not worthy of discussion
      at the Kool-Aid cooler.
      Meanwhile, the clock is still counting
      down to December 13, with recounts ongoing,
      and lawsuits gumming up the works
      where they are not happening (Pennsylvania).
      All which serve the purpose and goal
      that those states electoral college votes
      will be voided.

      cav med

    3. Yes, I understand about "invalidating" the electoral college by holding enough states in conflict that neither candidate hits "the 270 mark", thus pushing a Trump presidency one step further from the appearance of legitimacy in the Left's eyes... and thereby eroding any Mandate he might claim to have.

      And I apologize, Cav Med, for what I'm going to say next, it's not a personal dig - my point about "we are getting the government we deserve" wholly encompasses yours, because we do deserve to get a federal executive branch whose legitimacy is so questionable, that there are millions running around wearing shirts and tweeting tweets that say "Not My President!"

      My point is bigger than your point, because the point I'm addressing is that we are no longer "One Country, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

      My point is that the very *possibility* of having a federal government which, essentially, every American citizen can agree that it "is a legitimate government, operating with legitimate authority" is gone; never to be seen again.

      Some are realizing it just now. Some were saying it in 2008 when *no one* took the question of 0bama's Citizenship seriously.
      Some saw the destruction of Federal Legitimacy, when Bush(43) sent our military to wage the "war on terror", or when he signed "the Patriot Act".

      Some witnessed the end of Federal legitimacy in 2000 with the Gore/Bush recount mess and the massive voter fraud of that election cycle.

      Some were sure when Posse Commitatus was raped and murdered by the Clinton administration in Waco Texas (with the help of some SF / Delta Force soldiers who ensured that there would be no living witnesses). Or by the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban" which Commie Feinstein and her ilk spirit-cooked up and shoved through congress, and which Clinton signed in '93.

      Some knew that Federal legitimacy was dead when Bush (41) sent American Soldiers into Kuwait and Iraq, "to punish and disarm Saddam Hussein"...when for a decade the US had been secretly arming and training Saddam's troops to wage ongoing war against Iran "to maintain a balance of power" in the oil sands and ensure that Saudi hegemony over the OPEC nations remain strong.

      Some saw the collapse of Federal legitimacy even earlier, when Oliver North testified that elements of the DoD and Intelligence Community had come together to create a "deep state" and prepare plans to defend the parties composing said "deep state" against all enemies, including the American People.

      Some will go back further, and point to Carter's wild go at free money-printing, and the stagflation which came of increasing taxes and massive acts of federal spending while going into an economy stifled by harsh EPA regulations, massive Union demands, and a rapidly "globalizing" market.
      Some will point back to Nixon, and his destructive act of repudiating the Gold Standard once and for all.
      Some will take it back even further, to our involvement in Viet Nam, or when we sent troops over the 38th parallel in Korea, or when we used atomic weapons against a Japan which was on the verge of surrendering...

      How far back **you** want to go in recognizing the illegitimacy of Fed.Gov is your personal issue.

      But the reality that we now have achieved a "critical mass" of people substantially doubting (or outright denying) the legitimacy of the Federal Government is now a FACT, and must be dealt with as such.

      We are now in totally uncharted territory, and all manner of hidden risks may manifest themselves as immediate dangers from this point forward. Nothing will be constrained to it's previous context(s) or bounds of safe operation, and any small event could potentially trigger a destructive chain of events which brings the whole rotten mess down.


  9. My recognition of fedgov as
    legitimate ended in Afghanistan,
    a period of military service that
    followed on the heels of deployments
    to Iraq.
    My last vote was cast in the 2012
    Presidential election, which was the month
    after (and within a year of returning from)
    Of course, that was a waste of time.
    Voting for mittens was nothing but
    a Fuck You for Benghazi (the consulate
    rubble still smoldering) and all the rest.
    Yeah, after all that, life is full with joy
    from trying to rationally explain to
    family that I don't anymore.
    While maintaining a smile, and being
    respectful, while I explain my position.
    Ironically, that is my only quality
    of life improvement since 2012.
    What else can I do but that?
    I love them and its not their fault.
    They most certainly did not farm
    and harvest the rage in my heart.

    cav med

  10. So here is a question for everybody, if there were 15 FBI informants at Malheur for 30 some protesters, how many of the #DisruptJ20 organizers are FBI handlers?
    They actively ban media and law enforcement from their planning meetings but they are fools to believe that they have not been infiltrated or worse, being manipulated to violence so they can do 3am sweeps of marxists.

    1. Nothing of this world is beyond Satans reach or grasp. Only fools ignore this simple fact. It is why I scoff at most conspiracy theories - Satan loves playing both sides - one against the other - for the defeat of both, thus obtaining for himself a larger harvest of corrupted souls.

      Between this fact, and the oft overlooked challenges of logistics, most conspiracy theories are purely ludicrous. Those few which pass examination on both of these elements, I am obliged to take very seriously...

      Having said that for context, let me now observe that a lot of real and verifiable shit is hitting the fan right now (some visibly, and much, much more behind the scenes), and there is plenty more in the hopper. So keep your seatbelt fastened, and your traytable and seat-back in their upright and locked positions.


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