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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PJB's perspective on Trump's Call with Taiwan

As usual, on-target.

Here's the link.


  1. Yep - the three most potent weapons in the world:
    Economics, Nukes, and invasive cults such as islam and communism. (yes, Scarlet, communism is a cult - the cult which replaces God with government, and the Church with the "majority"; a.k.a. mob rule)

    The only other factor required, is that the target country be *willing* to suffer destruction, at whatever rate of speed.

    So while shallow-brained reactionaries may say that China is our "enemy", they fail to see that the US is currently it's own worst enemy - the Government certainly is the enemy of the people in many ways, but the 'popular culture' is just as much an enemy to the stability of American society as any alphabet soup agency.

    Simplifying the issues is for simple minds - reality in it's native form is full of complexity, and we must master that complexity if we are to rid our Nation and our country of these perennial problems of ideology.

    Our domestic relations (government to electorate), and our relations with China are both very necessary points of early effort for Trump to take the correct steps on, if he is to achieve a successful Presidency.


  2. I'm loving this shit. 3 Generals in the cabinet, and then this....



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