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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mercy Mercy Mother Percy...

Aleppo today,

London tomorrow.

San Fran next Tuesday.


Consider a Christmas under Mo...


  1. Idiots. No war has ever been settled under a "white flag of truce". The very concept is defective - white flags are for surrender, not truce. And surrender to islam is voluntary suicide -
    Muslims only take prisoners as a tool to further their murderous jihad.

    with islam there can be no peace - there is either total victory over the entire ideology of islam, or a slow and creeping surrender, which only ends when there is nothing left for islam to conquer.

    Even in such an instance, there will never be "peace". Because islam is about conquest. Period. It cannot exist at peace, any more than a photon of light can exist at rest. It must either surge perpetually forward in its pursuit of total destruction, or be spent against an immovable resistance which dissipates it totally - there are no other stable states for it to manifest.

    The logic of Aristotle, Plato, Augustine, Pascal, et.al cannot be refuted. It can be denied or ignored - at ones own peril - but it still stands as valid as ever...
    And every system of logic clearly proclaims that islam must either be destroyed, or must continue destroying forever, or until it has destroyed every last thing, including itself. Islam is therefore a violent species of Nihilism - quite probably the single most violent species of Nihilism ever to have existed, or which will ever exist.


  2. How many of these idiots will die of exposure before they even hit the Austrian border? The German wilderness in the dead of winter can be very harsh.

    How many of these idiots will be on the evening news, chained together, kneeling in orange jumpsuits?

    They are about to face stark reality. They will come face to face with pure evil armed with nothing but white flags and misguided ideology. They think they will be able to reason with tens of thousands of psychos willing to die and kill for their satanic cult in the middle of an active warzone.

    Fucking brilliant strategy

  3. Without realizing it, perhaps they follow in the way of the Discalced Carmelites, executed on the last day of La Terreur on 17 July 1794.

  4. All anyone has to do, to know for certain that muzzies worship Satan, is to study what their religion teaches them about their "paradise" - its totally carnal, I.e. the 72 virgins, but even more antipodal to the true Heaven, it is tyranical. The muslims believe that they will be masters in "their reward" - that they will become godlike in their portion of heaven, and disinterested by all outside it, even as their god is - disinterested and unknowable.

    But nowhere does islam say that they shall meet God, or understand all things, or have the power to aid family or friends still alive on earth.
    Nope, not the muzz. For them, God remains unapproachable and unknowable, and heaven is an encapsulated realm where they neither know nor care about anyone but themselves.

    And if your rational mind can't discern that what they call "paradise" is actually total and perpetual insanity; That it is the perfect and exact opposite of what the Bible teaches us about God and our own spiritual life, both here and in the life to come, and thus is exactly the Hell of the Bible, then I can't help you.


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